Chapter. 5

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

I woke up to the bright sunlight seeping through my window and giving a glow to my bruised up skin. It made me sad whenever Brennen hit me but I could understand why. I messed up a lot. I smiled at the thought of Brennen caring so much about me and looked over to my sleeping boyfriend.

The sheets were laying on his bottom half, covering the view that lays under. I scooched closer and placed a kiss on his shoulder. I ran gentle fingers down his spine, loving the soft and warm skin. I then got out of bed after debating whether I should stay in bed or make him some breakfast.

I ended up going with breakfast seeming as we had enough time before school and I really owed it to Brennen. He's been so good to me lately and I don't know how I can thank him enough. He always wants what's best for me and cares about my being and happiness. He's almost like a perfect boyfriend. Yet I didn't want any more. I loved him the way he was.

I pulled out some flour from the cabinets along with sugar, backing powder and salt. I then grabbed the buttermilk, eggs and butter from the fridge before heading to the counter. I cracked in the eggs into a large bowl and added the rest of the ingredients according to my cooking and baking knowledge. I was really good in the kitchen.

I mixed up the batter and made sure it was nice and fluffy before grabbing a flat pan from one of the bottom cabinets. I basically memorized this house due to the amount of times I've been here. I turned on the fire and placed down the pan, leaving it to heat up a little. While that was doing that, I placed the rest of the used dishes in the sink and turned the tap on.

I returned to the pancakes and poured in some of the batter. I let that heat for a while and washed off the dishes before adding the dish-soap. I made sure I got the egg odor out and placed the dishes on the rack once clean and shinny. I quickly flipped over the pancake before it could burn and placed it on a plate before adding some butter and syrup. It went on like this until I had a plate full of stacked pancakes.

I smiled a little as I set up the table, a plate on one side for Brennen along with the needed utensils. I poured a little more syrup knowing Brennen likes his pancakes sweet. And right on time, the sound of lazy footsteps descended the steps and a hot yet sleepy Brennen came into view.

His hair was messed up, his joggers were hung dangerously low and his shirt was apparently discarded. Not complaining. "Morning Bren." I greeted with a grin and went to hug him. He accepted the hug and kissed my forehead. "Good morning, my sweet darling." He spoke huskily his strong arms giving me loving warmth.

"Come, I made you pancakes." I smiled and pulled away, grabbing his hand. He sent a sweet smile and lifted my hand to kiss it. I blushed lightly and guided him towards the table. He sat down appreciatively and moaned at the smell of the heavenly sensation. Not bragging!

I sat down across from him and watched him dig in with an excited smile making me chuckle softly. He cut the pancake into small pieces and took in his first bite. "Oh my god baby, this is fucking amazing." He moaned and stuffed more pieces into his mouth. "I'm glad." I grinned and stood up to grab him some orange juice.

I did just that and and brought him the glass. I watched him eat and sip at his drink, soon feeling my stomach grumble. I held it a little and ignored the sound, hoping Brennen wouldn't have heard.

I stand in-front of the body mirror laid against the wall in the hallway, lifting my shirt as I scanned my upper half. I ran my finger down my ribs, almost too seen. My eyebrows furrowed as I thought further. What if I'm still fat? What if Brennen doesn't like me this way? Did I fail him?

Arms slithering around me cut me out of my thoughts and I gasped until I realized it was Brennen. "You look beautiful." He whispered and placed a long kiss on my cheek making me smile. "But you have a little more until you're perfect to me." He said again and hid his face in the crook of his neck.

"Just a little more." He grumbled and I gasped once his fingers dug painfully into my skin. I bit out a yelp of pain and my eyes glossed. "Shh Shh Shh." Brennen shushed and pecked at my neck.

"I love you darling."

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