Chapter 19

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Picture of Chyna and India Alden, they are twins so only one picture will do :P 

Chapter 19

Rye couldn't walk properly. When Xavier and her exited her room, she tripped several times over her own feet and would fall over laughing.

Xavier scooped her up in his arms again and began to walk down stairs.

"You're so big!" Rye giggled, "That's what she said!" She laughed even harder.

Xavier raised a brow at her but chose to ignore her comments.

"Xavier?" Rye asked quietly after a few moments of silence.

Every time she said his name, Xavier's heart leaped with joy. He would give her the word if she asked for it.

"Yes, love?" He looked down at his beautiful mate.

"Buy me flowers, okay?" she snuggled closer into his chest.

Xavier smiled, "Okay,"

"White ones,"

"Yes, ma'am."

When they finally reached the foyer, Rye wiggled out of Xavier's arms and narrowed her eyes at the young girl standing in the room.

"Which one are you?" She asked, "I can't tell. I drank pixie brew, and I liked it!"

"I'm Chyna," the girl said looked around the room at the many faces.

"Chyna!!" Rye threw her arms around her sister. "Oh my sweet little baby! I thought I would never see you again! You have grown so tall!"

"Rye, you saw me last week." Chyna said as she patted her drunk sister's back.

"Oh that was ages ago." Rye pulled back to look at her sister. Then as if a light bulb went off in her head, she turned to Basil dramatically and said, "Hey! Cilantro! You better not be her mate!"

Basil looked confused. He looked to Xavier who just sighed and told him to go along with it.

", I'm not her mate?" Basil said slowly.

Chyna started blushing.

"Good," Rye nodded. She turned back to her sister, "How did you get here? Where's India?"

"We never left Romania," Chyna said quietly. She looked around the room again. Xavier, Basil, Mardick, Rose, and Adel had all gathered around.

Rye followed her eyes.

"Oh!" Rye laughed, "I forgot to introduce you to everyone!"

She pulled Chyna over to Xavier, "This is my soon to be husband, I think. We haven't decided yet on what we are. And she-" Rye pointed at Rose, "Is his fiance. And he-" she pointed at Basil, "Is her brother. And that's Adel, she doesn't sing. And the old man is Mardick, he's like I guess that makes Xavier bathman. Which would make me Peggy Carter. No! Wait! Wrong universe!" Rye started laughing.

Chyna looked over to Xavier with concern laced in her big blue eyes. She was used to her sister being a little eccentric but this was new.

"Rye," Xavier cooed in his deep voice.

Rye turned to him with a dreamy smile, "Yes?"

"I think we should go back upstairs-"

"I like the sound of that" Rye giggled.

Xavier tried to hide a smile, "To sober you up."

Rye pouted.

"You're in no condition to talk right now. You need to sleep it off."

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