Day 1

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Hello everybody ! This is my second story ! Don't hesitate to send me feedbacks or post a comment if something I wrote is incorrect, or if something is not clear, or to tell me what you think of the story. Enjoy ! Love from otters !

Mateo P.O.V

I was suddenly awakened by my alarm. I got up earlier that day because I was the one in charge of presenting the school to the new boy. He had been the talk of September, since everyone knew the son of a billionaire was coming to our high school. I was a bit anxious. I tried to inject some confidence in my system the last few days, but visibly failed. I even prepared a few jokes to make the tour at least a bit entertaining. I heard muffled voice from downstairs and assumed everyone was up. I went down the stairs, straight to the kitchen. My parents were there, talking with my older sister.

"Good morning sweatheart" said my mother.

"Morning" I replied to everyone. I started to make some toasts while my sister was talking.

"He's hot like hell ! I'm so impatient to meet him !"

"Hot you say ? Well, Mat' you're lucky" smirked my father.

"I don't care if he's hot" I tried to sound casual.

"Liar" replied my familly.

"You're lucky to be in junior year. Being in senior will make things more complicated for me" admitted my sister.

"Complicated for what ? You have a boyfriend, it's not like you were going to make a move" I snapped, getting irritated by her behavior.

"You don't know what he looks like. I would sell my soul to the devil to be with him"

"You're so dramatic" I scoffed.

The truth was, I had always been nervous in front of gorgeous boys. They had too much confidence, and were super hot. They intimidated me evertime. I wasn't like them, I was skinny, small with nothing special. I came back to my senses when my sister gave me her phone. I was surprised, but understood when I looked at it. It showed a picture of a gorgeous boy. Tall, muscular, tanned skin, clear brown short wavy hair, and percing blue eyes. He was perfect. I was almost sick when I realised I was going to spend 30 minutes talking to him.

"Camilla, it's not cool for your boyfriend !" Affirmed my mother, severely staring at her.

"Come on, even him would like to hook up with Liam"

"Liam ? Oh ok, his name is Liam"

I wasn't hungry anymore. I ate 2 toasts before going to the batheroom. The mirror there reflected a little boy, scrawny, with brown hair touching his shoulers and brown eyes. I stared at myself a moment. I was comfortable with who I was and what I looked like, but it didn't change a thing to the stress coursing in my veins. I brushed my teeth, before going back to my bedroom. I run into my older brother in the way. He was in college, not far from our house. We've always been close, sharing everything, spending a lot of time watching all type of movies. He was open-minded like no one else and even more ok with himself than me. I loved that he was protective of me. After saying hello, I removed my pyjamas to put some clothes on. Everything was basic. Simple tee shirt, simple sweatshirt, simple jeans and simple shoes. I did a bun with my hair and walked toward the front door.

"Have a nice day sweety" I heard my mother say from the kitchen.

"You too, love you"

With that I went outside. It was still early and cold. I put my headphone on, and listened to Jessie J, who was the only one capable of relaxing me, even a little.
I wasn't far from school. I walked for 16 minutes before reaching my destination. I stopped before going in, to brace myself for what was coming. I gathered all the courage I had and walked in the deserted hallways. It was far too soon to see any student. The principal's office was in sight, but I wished it wouldn't. I knocked at the door, not asking myself any questions.

"Come in" that was the principal's voice, Mr Smith.

I opened the door and was about to enter the room but froze. The gorgeous boy I saw earlier on my sister's phone was here, staring at me with a bright smile. I almost came in my pants. He was even more perfect than the picture. I was litterally cheking him out in front of Mr. Smith.

"Hum Mateo ? Are you alright ?" I heard him asked.

"Hum yes, yes. I'm sorry, I was lost in my thoughts" I lied. I was blushing like never I had before, realising what I just did.

"Well, let me introduce you to Liam, our new junior student"

The latter stood up and gave me a handshake. Sparkles flew in my whole body when I touched his rough yet soft hands.

"Nice to meet you" he said with a deep masculin voice that melt my heart immediatly.

"Nice to meet you too !" I tried to seem enthusiastic and welcoming.

"It's going to be so hard"

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