Chapter Eight-David

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As I sat in the living room, I felt a little guilty about what I said to Luna. She never did anything wrong. She even saved me when she barely knew me. I should go apologize to her. Man I never thought I would actually say that. I never really had sympathy for anyone before. It feels weird and weak at the same time, but she is my sister. That I'm sure of, but I can't tell her everything that happened that day. I'll tell her some things, but not everything.

I stood up and went in the room to find it completely empty.

"Luna?" I looked around, but didn't see her. "Luna? Where are you?" I saw something on the bed, a piece of paper. I went over and saw it was a letter from Luna. I read it and wished I could go back to the moment where I was about to yell at her and stop myself. How can she leave? I can't believe I yelled at her like that! It's my fault that she left.

I crumbled up the letter and threw it then I kicked the wall in anger. How could I be so stupid?! How could I be so careless?! She's my little sister and I let her leave when there could be tons of adlets out there hunting her down right now!

I looked around the room. How did she get out of here without me knowing? She couldn't have gone through the window or I would have heard her. She couldn't have walked right out the front door or I would have seen her, unless I coincidently turned blind right before she did, and I know that didn't happen.

I looked around the room carefully and noticed the ground in the exposed hole beneath the floorboard that was broken. The dirt seemed like it was recently dug up, if it was from when she called the roots, and then the dirt wouldn't look this newly dug up. I started digging in the spot where it looked differently and I came to a hollow tunnel. I crawled into it and saw it was a really long and dark tunnel. Okay I have to give Luna some credit. This is an amazing idea to leave without anyone knowing. She's smarter than I give her credit for.

I climbed back out of the tunnel and went to the hall closet until I found what I was looking for, a flashlight. Then I went back into the tunnel and turned the flashlight on and took a good look at the structure of the tunnel. Not bad, she must have used her ability to do this and she did a really good job. I have a talented little sister.

David, focus, you need to find Luna. I took a deep breath and headed down the tunnel to where I hope I would find Luna. As I walked down the tunnel, my body felt weird. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, my view was from a shorter perspective and my hand held a ball of light. My eyes went wide and I shook my head. I looked at myself and I was wearing my jeans and shirt. I was very confused.

I continued down the tunnel and all of a sudden I see Luna infront of me.

"Luna! Thank God you're okay!" I go to hug her, but my hands went right through her. I watched her as she continued down the tunnel. What is going on? I followed her until she stopped and looked up. I followed her gaze to where dirt was falling from the top of the tunnel. A huge claw reached down, grabbed her by her hood and yanked her through the ground. I tried to grab onto her, but as soon as I touched her, she disappeared. I looked up and saw the hole in the roof of the tunnel. I climbed through and looked around.

There were paw prints and human foot prints I recognized as Luna's. It looked like there was a struggle. I looked at the paw prints and identified them as adlets and werebears. They took her, I thought. They grabbed her and took her back to the lab. I stood up straight and looked at the ground. I felt my body shaking with anger as I imagined her in that place being stabbed with needles and being worked to exhaustion. I looked towards the wind and saw the drag marks on the ground. They dragged her there.

I will find you Luna. I'll save you. When I find out who took you they won't be alive long enough to beg for mercy, I thought as I ran towards the place I've feared all my life. The lab.

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