Chapter 1

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(This is chapter one remastered..)

Chapter 1 

(Robins P.O.V) 

(7 years after prologue) 

Pulling my hood comfortably over my face I forced myself open the homeroom door. Nobody noticed me sliding past without a sound, I slipped into my seat. Mrs. Roan gave me a strained smile, not that I noticed really. Without considering looking at her I stared down at the desk, dark red hair falling out from behind my ears and hiding my face behind a curtain of thick locks.  

  The bell hadn't rung yet and nobody was in the classroom other than me and the teacher. Again not that it matter, everyone gave up trying to speak to me and communicate around seven years prier to this year. My mother had packed up and left, she had given Jason and I to our father, packed her bags and fled... Without even a goodbye.

  As of right now it was just me and my father, his normal beatings had become rasher, letting his poker night buddies have their way with me. I had shown no resistance, or the bruises would become blood covered, making me shake in fear every time I had to walk into the door and hear a slurred command from the living room.  

 Now I was lucky if it was just him, even with the beatings and the "Having his way" with me. After mother had left us, I had pulled into myself, breaking all contact with the living. The only thing that was keeping me from killing myself was Jason...

  Our father hated him, everything about him, he always stood up for me, trying to protect me from fathers rage... Until one day... 

 I heard the bell rang blazingly making the memory dissipate... Teenagers began to file in through the door, in their cliques, I didn't have a group, I was me. Nobody wanted to talk to me anyways, I never wanted to speak with anyone, so it worked well in all. 

  Shedding all thoughts I kept my head down, my eyes on the table, and my hands clasped in my lap. Clad in a blue long sleeve a black hoodie, normal jeans, silver nail polish, faded makeup and high St John Bay leather boots.

  The teacher called out names, then the door was slightly opened again. "Mrs. Roan, this is your new student." 

The principal nudged someone in the room, and closed the door hastily. By the sound of the feet scuffing, it was a tall boy. I didn't care to look up, shading my face behind my hair. I hear Mrs. Roan say something and the new comer shuffling down the row. Without a second glance he sat in the desk to my right.  


  'Was he talking to me?' I didn't react, didn't move, just stayed still.   


  His voice was soft, gentle, and unbelievable alluring. But I resisted looking up. Nobody ever talked to me, no matter who said anything. He tried again... 

"My names Sean, what's yours?" 

  I pretended not to hear, hiding silently behind my blood red hair.  

"She hasn't talked for seven years, I'm sorry... Just didn't want her to seem rude..."  

  I heard my teacher tell Sean about my silence, but I didn't make any comment. It wasn't time to break my vow just because of some new kid. Shuffling farther away from Sean’s half of the desk I looked out the condensed window beside me, away from him. I didn’t care if I seemed mean, but that’s me.

 Mrs. Roan didn’t looked surprised, we'd been sitting silently for about nine minutes and she hadn't started class yet. I slowly tilted my head and captured a glance at the new boy through the blood colored hair hanging in my eyes. Sean smiled catching my eyes, his face lighting up like a Christmas tree. Suddenly shy I covered my face fully with my hair, and turned away.  

  Mrs. Roan cleared her throat and began talking about the African history. Our new subject, I barley paid attention as I worried about what was going to come. Father was having a huge beer party tonight... And I, I was the waitress.

(Sean P.O.V.) 

 The teacher, I think I was told her name was Mrs. Roan. She smiled as I was hastily herded into the class. 

  I had been told about a girl that stayed silent and I shouldn't be thinking she was rude when she didn't answer. I was thinking I was going to get her to speak with me this year... That's my goal. All the girls smiled brightly at me, they were day dreaming, yuck... 

  There was a girl, hidden in the shadows, her blood red hair covering her face. The boys just glanced up and looked at me before gossiping to their groups. Giving the teacher my pass, I looked for an empty seat, with a skip of my heart I saw the only empty one was to the right of the red headed girl, next to the row.  

  I shuffled back there, and sat down smiling at her. She didn't look up and I saw her tense up as I whispered,  


 She kept her eyes down so I asked again, 


 She didn't look up so I began introducing myself, 

  "My names Sean, what's yours?" 

 She slowly moved further away from me, gazing out the window. I kept watching her quietly. Her head slowly tilted so I could see a slit of her eye. I couldn’t make out the color. Only that her face was slim and well shaped. I smiled fleetingly at her before she parted her lips and turned to stare down again.

  The teacher spoke to me but I didn't hear her, something about the red haired girl not talking. 

  The teacher started speaking, I turned my gaze heavily on the teacher trying to listen to the lesson... 

  But I kept my eyes half on the red haired girl...

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