14. Cover up

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I grit my teeth in pain as I stumbled into the shower. I wash my body slowly and gently, so as to not make the pain worse.

I finally exited my bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. I glanded into the mirror, but immediately looked away when I saw the bruises that adorned my body.

From the looks of things, he most likely continued to kick my ribs and stomach area even though I was unconscious....

I sighed and entered my room, almost screaming when I saw Jimin, Jin and my brother on my bed. They all looked at me, gasping when they saw my body.

"What happened?!" Jin shouts,and I'm sure the entire house heard him.

They all surrounded me, looking at the wounds with worried faces.


Suddenly the door opened, JB walking in.

"Hey Kook-" he freezes, taking in the situation.

Then he looks at my body.

"That piece of shit" he snarls, seeing what Soobin did, hate filling his face.

"No, Jae it's...okay"

"No it's not! Look at yourself!" He comes closer.

"What the fuck is going on" Jin hissed, irritated.

I shivered. Jin said a bad word... He usually never says a bad word.

I just looked down, not wanting to talk. So, I turned and went to find clothes to get dressed.

"Kookie please what's going on" Hobi pleaded.


"It's not nothing, it's something" Hobi sighs.

It was silent.

"Guys... I think we should give him time" Jimin says softly. I look back to see his gentle expression.

"Don't push him, he will tell us in his own time"

I felt grateful to Jimin. He was always so understanding.

Hobi stares at him, clearly not happy but other wise still nods his head.

Jin just pouts. Once I had gotten dressed, Jin came up and have me a warm hug. I melted into it, my body has been craving a loving touch. A few moments later, I felt multiple arms wrap around me.

I felt warm...i felt safe

3 days later

I had now told the three about what happened, but I didn't want to tell them who did it. They respected my wishes, even though I could see they were dieing to know.

But thankfully, they always made sure at least one of them was with me at all times. I told them that they could tell Namjoon and Yoongi, which they did.

I just didn't want Taehyung to know... I have no idea why, but I definitely didn't want him to know.

Maybe because it meant that I would experience another heartbreak once he showed he didn't care about me getting  bullied.

Since he really didn't care.

"So, what you wearing to the party tonight?" Yuri asks me.

We were currently sitting and eating lunch, Yuri for some reason chose to sit next to me and Taehyung ate silently opposite her.

"U-Uh, there's a party?" I ask curiously.

Her jaw drops, "your friends with these party animals and you don't know there is a party?"

"What do you mean?" I ask innocently.

"No, nothing! She means nothing" Namjoon says hurriedly.

She gives him a questioning look before turning back to me.

"Anyway, now that you know, you have to come!" She says excitedly.

"No he doesn't" Taehyung growls.

He glares at Yuri, who was hugging Jungkook's arm causing her breasts to enlarge.

But if course, Jungkook took no notice if her obvious attempts. But he did definitely feel uncomfortable.

Everyone at the table was silent, mainly to watch the two boys and how they would handle this.

"Well mommy and daddy told me I am not allowed to"

"Exactly so be a good little boy and stay at home, while the big boys go out and party"

I pout. Taehyung's words hit me hard, and it hurt to know he didn't want me there.

Mom and dad said I am not allowed to... But I can't just let Taehyung treat me like this!

Mom, dad, forgive me

"No, I want to go"

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, "oh?"

"Yes, Kookie and I can wear matching outfits!" Yuri giggles.

Taehyung glares at her, "he's not going"

"Yes I am" I spit back.

He stands up, catching attention from a few others.

"You will not go!"

"Yes I will!" I stood up as well.

"No, I told you that you can't, so you will stay at home!" He shouts.

"You are not the boss of me! I can do what I want!"

"No, because I said you can't!"

"You can't tell me what to do!" I was getting really irritated. This boy, who broke my heart and still continues to do so, has the nerve to tell me what to do.

"Watch me!" He growls.

I almost gave in, gave in to the look in his eye that told me to sit the Frick back down and shut my mouth.

"No!" And with that, I spun on my heal and exited the cafeteria.

I was so mad. I could probably break something. Yeah...maybe.

Anyway, you get the point. I stormed off and practically ran to my locker, and then I heard footsteps.

I turned to see Yuri walking up to me.

"Hey, you okay?" She smiles softly.

"I'm fine" I huff out.

"Don't look fine" she crosses her arms.

I can't deal with his girlfriend right now. I'm too emotionally unstable for this.

"Can you just leave me alone" I glare at her.

She doesn't seem fazed by it, and instead she smiles at me sadly.

"I can't... Because I know you like him"

I freeze.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone...its just, I noticed it after a while"

My heart was going crazy. Was she going to threaten me? Bully me? Laugh in my face?

"And, to have you know, neither Taehyung nor I like each other"

My eyes widened at her words, and I finally spoke, "what?"

"Well, we both have rather... Strict parents, so we decided to just use each other as a front cover for our parents. When in fact, under the front cover of our books... We both dislike each other."

I squint my eyes at her, "you're lying"

"Sorry hun, but unlike you, I am not into assholes that break my heart" I couldn't help the relieved sigh.

I chuckle, oh how true that is.

But something confused me

"And you are telling me this... Why?"

"Well...I have a plan, and I think you will like it"

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