Chapter 61

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-Sky's POV-
Did it mean anything? Yes. I can't admit it. I love Matt but I love Taylor. Who do I love more? Head or heart? Heart or head? Matt's the one I should be with- I mean I was a Matt girl before I even met the boys. But Taylor. Taylor would be better for me- he'd look after me and never hurt me. Plus, he's my best friend. Exactly Sky, he's your best friend and Matt's your boyfriend.

You know what to do.

"No. It meant nothing to me."

"Can I take you out? I want you to see the real me. Not the famous viner with a bad attitude me. The actual, sweet, caring-"

"Big headed" I interject.

"Big headed" He laughs "Perfect boyfriend side of me"


"Be ready for 8?"

"Okay babe. I have to go, the doctor is coming in"

"Bye! I love you" He says before I hang up.


"Can I go home yet?" JJ asks the doctor.

"Yes, you're free to go"

"That's great news Jack" I say happily

"On one condition" The doctor starts "You're not allowed to drink alcohol for at least 6 weeks and no drugs for a month"

"I don't do drugs" Jack says defensively

"I know you don't, there was no evidence in your system. I just advise you not to start as an alternative to alcohol."

"I won't. I promise" Jack smiles

"I won't let you" I ensure him

"Well in that case, as long as you get some good homemade food inside of you then you should be good to go" He smiles.

"Thank you so much Doctor" I smile as he leaves the room. "I'll leave you to get changed and see where Jack and Taylor are"

"Okay Sky" Jack says. I walk out into the corridor and see Gilinsky sat against the wall eating a bowl of fries.

"I didn't want to intrude" He says standing up, offering me a fry. I take one and eat it.

"He's free to go home. Where's Taylor?"

"I bumped into him on the way back from the cafeteria. He said he was gonna go"

"He's our ride?"

"Can't you call your boyfriend?"

"Okay" I say taking my phone out "Hey Matt, can you pick us up from the hospital? Taylor left and Jack's free to go"

"Yeah sure babe, I'll be there as soon as"

"Thank you" I say hanging up.

"So you're back together then?" Gilinsky asks as I take another fry.

"Looks like it. I can't believe how lucky I am to get him back"

"Yeah really lucky" He says unenthusiastically.

"What's that su-" I start

"Guys I'm ready" JJ says entering the corridor.

"Great" I smile fakely. Why is Gilinsky acting like this? "Matt's on his way to pick us up"

"Scared Taylor off did you?" Jack laughs.

"Maybe he found out you're back with Matt" Gilinsky says avoiding eye contact.

"What is your problem?"

"Nothing. I just don't think you should be with Matt that's all"

"Well it's my decision, not yours" I say heading for the door. "Matt's here"


"Jack! How you feeling?" Hayes says as soon as we enter the front door.
"I'm doing good thanks Hayes. I need to sit down though"

"I can't believe you had your stomach pumped! That's mental!"

"No regrets" Jack smiles sitting on the couch.

"I'll make you something" I smile going into the kitchen. I start to make enough chicken and fries for the boys. Don't judge me, I can't really make anything else.

"Hey" I hear behind me. I turn to see Taylor looking at me, stood about 5 feet away from me. He's scratching the back of his head- his signature move for when he's nervous.

"What's up?"

"I wanted to talk to you"

"Sure, about what?" I say leaning against the worktop.

"Well you know that I really like you and so obviously you kissing me was great for me but I wanted to know if it meant anything to you? Or if I was just a way to get your mind off of everything?"

"Taylor" I say stepping towards him "You know you're my best friend and I love you like a brother. But that's all we can ever be. Just friends. I'm sorry"

"Okay. That's cool" He says. I can tell he's hurt. "I'm gonna go see Mia"

"I made you some food"

"You can have it"

"Matt's taking me out"

"You're still with him?"

"Yeah, he forgave me."

"And why do you think that is?"

"I don't know? He knows he's done worse to me in the past?"

"Yeah okay, you believe that then. Bye" He says walking out.

"Wait" I call after him.


"So where does this put us? Are we friends?"

"Of course we are"

"Because it feels like you hate me right now"

"I'm just mad that you don't see what he's really like"

"Then tell me"

"I just don't trust him. I don't know if he's done anything with anyone else whilst you've been together but I wouldn't be surprised"

"What does that mean?"

"Don't be surprised when he hurts you again. Just know that I'll be here to pick up the peices as usual" He says leaving the room.

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