Chapter Forty-Eight.

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"Wait so you're telling me Betty is willingly living at the farm? You do know the stuff that goes down there right?" I asked Jughead as he sat across from me in Pop's having just gotten off the phone with her.

"She needed protection from the Black Hood and thought it would be the safest place. It's not like people can just walk in and out of the Farm whenever they please." Jughead sighed, worry was clear in the way he stirred the straw in his milkshake rather than drinking it. 

I reached my hand across the table and held his gently, a small smile appeared on his face as I did so.

"She's got Fangs, Kevin, Toni and Cheryl in there with her. I'm sure she's going to be fine Jug. Just make sure she keeps up daily communication and if that stops I'll break her out myself. There's no way I'm going to let you lose Betty like we lost Fangs." 

He smiled softly at me before turning his attention back to his many notebooks in an attempt to figure out who led Betty to the Black Hood on prom night.

"The Jester hey? Is it time for some old school investigating Jones?" Jughead's smile turned from one of sadness to one of mischief as he thought back to our childhood of playing detective which would always end with us getting in trouble one way or another.

"Let's do it." 


"Ah." Jughead sighed as we walked into the lounge in Riverdale high together.

"It's Louie, right?" I questioned as I rested my hands on the table next to the younger boy. His eyes darted between the two of us before speaking up. 

"Yeah, and?" 

Jughead and I laughed in amusement before he started talking.

"Well, this is kind of a funny story, but a jester gave my girlfriend an envelope at prom, so we asked around." Jughead motioned towards me before I took over talking.

"Jester's name was Jerry, Jerry told us that he got the envelope from a druid named Loona. Loona said that she got the envelope from a centaur named..." I drifted off as Jughead pointed towards the boy in front of us.

"Louie. True or false?"

The young boy sighed in defeat before speaking

"Yeah, I gave it to Loona."

"Okay. So, here's the 20-dollar question." I spoke whilst Jughead pulled a 20-dollar bill from his pocket and handed it over to Louie. "Who'd you get the envelope from?" 

Louie looked around the room cautiously, I could tell he was nervous and scared at the same time. Nervous for what might happen to him in the next thirty seconds if he didn't tell us who it was and scared if said person ever found out he ratted them out. A long moment went by before Louie spoke again.

"Some kid gave it to me. He looked homeless."

"A kid? You guys are already playing a childish game and now you're accepting death notes from children? Damn this school has reached an all new low." I laughed softly to myself before getting hit gently by Jughead as a sign to shut up.

"Was he around 13? Brown hair, brown eyes?" The tone in Jughead's voice made me realise he knew exactly who he was talking about and clearly Louie picked up on that as he nodded his head not uttering another word. Jughead instantly stood up and headed out the door not waiting for me to catch up.

I patted Louie on the back slightly before speaking softly to him

"Play G&G all you want but it's not exactly a smart idea to accept anything from that kid. Trust me." I smiled at Louie before walking out and following Jughead straight home.

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