Chapter 60

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-Jack Gilinsky's POV-
Sky shouldn't be with Matt. No, I'm not saying she would be with me- I'm saying she should be with Taylor. It's Sky and Taylor for crying out loud. They have to be together- Taylor is madly in love with her. He hasn't told me but I can tell. They call me love guru Gilinsky afterall. Okay, no they don't.
But I promised Sky that I'd talk to Matt- I didn't say I'd get him to get back with her though.
I call Matt and he picks up on the second ring.
"Yo! Gilinsky, what's up man? How's Jack?"
"Hey! Jack's good bro, he's awake now"
"Can we come see him?"
"He'll be allowed home soon I think, so there's no point in you guys coming down"
"Oh right. So why did you call?"
"I heard you broke up with Skylar?" I say
"She kissed Taylor"
"Yeah, she told me"
"Yep, she showed me the video too. I think she enjoyed it"
"That's why I broke up with her"
"It's probably for the best. I mean, Taylor really likes her so now he can have her" I laugh
"Taylor likes her? Well I can't let her go that easily. She's amazing, I can't let her just slip through my fingers"
"But she should be making it up to you bro?"
"I've done much worse than she did. I mean they only kissed once" Matt defends.
"Dude! You can do better"
"There is no one better! Why do you not want us together?"
"No I don't, I want you to be happy man, she wont make you happy!" I lie. Of course Sky would make him happy- she makes everyone happy. Taylor and Sky need to be together. Woah, okay calm down Jack. You're thinking into this too much- this is Sky's life, not yours.
"I was so set on not wanting Sky ever again but now everything you've said has completely changed my mind. So thanks Jack" Shit. That's not what I wanted to do.
"Whatever bro, I'll support you whatever" I say politely.
"I've gotta talk to Sky. Bye bro"
"See ya"
-Matt's POV-
Why would Jack call me to tell me not to get back with Sky? Does he like him for herself? Ha, whatever. He'll never have a chance with her. She's my princess, my whole entire world. I can't lose her again.
I decide to ring Sky.
"Sky?" I say as she picks up.
"Oh hey Matt, it's JJ. Sky's in the toilet at the minute. She left her phone in my room."
"Why is she in your room?"
"My hospital room. She's visiting me."
"Oh right" Duh Matt. "I'll call her back later"
"She means a lot to me. I don't want to see her get hurt again. I know you want her back but please"
"She's lucky to have you bro"
"Promise me?"
"I promise you man"
"Oh she's back! Here she is"
"Thanks Jack" I say smiling.
"Matt? I thought you didn't want to talk to me again" She says down the phone. She sounds perfect. She is perfect. Wow, I've fallen for her. Hard.
"I wanted to say that I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I freaked out because of one kiss. I'm sorry that I threatened you. It's just, you mean so much to me and it hurt me to see you happy with Taylor. I know you guys are close and there's obviously some kind of feelings that he has for you but I do really love you Sky. Please take me back"
"I don't know Matt. You can't just freak out and say that kind of thing. You didn't give me a chance to explain."
"So explain"
"I was so upset and annoyed with myself that I'd let Jack nearly drink himself to death. I had the chance to stop him and I walked away because of something so stupid that he said"
"What did he say?"
"That I ruined your life and I was ruining his"
"Well that's a lie but carry on"
"And I just wanted to get my mind off of it and well Taylor was just there. I would have picked you over him 1000%"
"I believe you Sky. I have one question though"
"Did it mean anything?"

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