The bitty them.

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Fell Gino POV

As we sat down I seen two boxes as cupcake gave it to me and reaper he opened it up and see us as bitty they looked at us as the tiny Gino smiled and reaper held his hands out and they both got on.

While I was holding shin while shin looked at the bitty me she giggles and smiles as bitty reaper stood still he looked a little tense and just hide in reaper hoodie.


Fell error POV

I noticed my son got me a bitty two I also seen my husband fell inky I giggled as he was talking to the little one I hugged my son as I said thank you.

This will help when I'm alone in the house and you're farther not here and is at work.

While I sat down on the floor I was helping the tiny me with there clothes.

Then when pudding and cupcake got a box out they opened it up and we see there one's we all had sparkling eyes at the two.

So what do we name them ?

How about lotus for cupcake tiny one and palette for pudding.

That's really good name for her.

Then I heard cupcake say we got the classic ones and when they said that they both enter.

Classic palette POV

We enter cupcake house and noticed the bitty us as I held the two I noticed that they all look scared as I sigh and told them that they have been stolen from there homes.

They where all shocked cupcake looked down and she ran upstairs and slammed her door shut I looked at the tiny her and she looked so upset when cupcake went upstairs.

So we I've take them back home where they belong or if they want to chose what they want to stay with us then it's fine with me.

As the bitty smiled they all said they wanted to stay I seen pudding setting down palette as he walked up to cupcake room as he did he knocked but no answer.

Pudding looked down at us and had a worry look as he teleports into her room and he un locked it he told us to come in with the the bitty's.

Bitty palette POV

While I was in pudding hand I seen cupcake asleep but she was crying in her sleep my lotus looked sad and pudding put us two down and lotus went straight to cupcake and cuddling into her.

I just looked at them as pudding lay on the other side off cupcake the other's left and shut the door as I walked to pudding I lay next to him but I didn't feel like going to sleep so I got up and walked around to cupcake and seen lotus asleep.

I sigh as I got into cupcake arm's and lay down while I was falling asleep pudding put his arm's around cupcake.

Bitty Gino POV

I noticed that the tall me had a baby in her arm's I also noticed that she was worried about cupcake I looked at her and she sigh and said sorry.

I looked at her confused at her and she put shin into her crib and put the blanket up on her.

Then the tall me went into the kitchen and started to talk to me what horrified off what I heard sent me into a little rage.

Tall me just told me about cupcake past and what happened then I felt bad and was thinking is that why my daughter was trying to tell me that when she was over at our house I felt guilty and my reaper teleport to me and hugged me.

Then I see tall me watching us.

Fell Gino POV

There no need to be sad our girl is better and is happy now but if she ever see her ex again I don't know what she'll will do.

I know use two care about your daughter just like me and my husband but don't let her have the stress on herself she won't handle it.

As I said this they looked confused as I got up and put them on my shoulder as reaper followed us to a book and when I opened it there was her child hood and the two looked down and seen the cuts and words that shocked them I just hope my daughter is alright.

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