Chapter 26

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It's the night before Niklaus and Stephanie's wedding.

It's been 6 weeks since Sophia's surgery and she is thriving. She started to gain back her weight and her personality is sassier than ever.

Niklaus had been coming to visit her alot, twice a day actually, but Stephanie has been too busy planning her wedding with Alexis to come with him

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Niklaus had been coming to visit her alot, twice a day actually, but Stephanie has been too busy planning her wedding with Alexis to come with him. I doubt Sophia cares, though. Her and Giovanni have been bonding alot, too. He spoils her rotten, catering to her every want and need. She has this grown ass man wearing a tiara and tutu, sipping tea out of a tiny pink tea cup. I'm in awe of how dedicated he is to her.

As far as our relationship goes, we're as strong as ever, being out of Niklaus' house has helped alot. Giovanni works long hours but still manages to come home in a good mood to spend time with Sophia and I. Even though we have maids and cooks, he still tries to help keep the house in order and occasionally cooks us dinner. He has even begun training with me every morning to improve my fighting skills again. I had always pictured him as a sweet and loving man, but watching him fight is like watching him completely transform into a different person.

Miguel has been underground this whole time and has had Giovanni and Niklaus on edge for the past few days, especially with the wedding coming up. Aiden almost never leaves my side, he's pretty much my body guard now. Security has been doubled at all three mansions as the French mafia's men start to arrive for the wedding. Soon enough we'll know if they're allies with the Mexican cartel or not.

I was sitting on the bed, next to a sleeping Sophia and Otis, when my phone vibrated, Niklaus' name pops up along with his text.

*Bring Sophia over. I have a surprise for the both of you.*

Another vibration.

*Don't tell Giovanni, I don't need him throwing a tantrum.*

I rolled my eyes at the irony. Giovanni has literally never thrown a tantrum where as he threw one almost daily when we lived with him and even now that we don't.

I look over to Giovanni, who's cuddling up next to Sophia.

"Nico wants me to take Sophia over." I softly whisper over to him.

"No. She's sleeping, he can see her tomorrow." Only opening one eye to look over at me.

"He said he had a surprise for us and not to bring you."

"Fuck it, now I want to know what the surprise is." He stood up like the house was on fire. "Ask Aiden to stay in here with Sophia while we go to Niklaus'."

*Hey, shithead! We're heading to Nico's house. You're on babysitting duty.*

I stand up, not caring that I'm in my pajamas, before slipping on some sneakers and a sweatshirt.

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