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"I'm smarter than my brothers," Yuna mumbled to herself as she went through the clothes in her dresser. She picked out a faded red graphic t-shirt along with some shorts and tossed them on her made-up bed. A pair of socks joined them.

"I'll show them. I'll show them all."

She will, won't she? Her father will be proud of her, brothers envious of her. She's the smartest one out of them all. Yet, her father didn't think so. He always said she wouldn't be able to live up to the Shin legacy due to her being a girl. A girl. What kind of stupid, misogynistic excuse was that?

But it's okay. She'll show them once and for all that Shin Yuna was a force to be reckoned with.

Now, where's that camcorder...

Ryujin sat back with a humorless smile on her face, arms crossed. "You want me to what?"

Yuna sighed with a hint of frustration, her trusty bat by her side. "Say that you ran away from home to find your dad, duh." She added an eye roll for effect.

Ryujin didn't know what she was expecting when Yuna retrieved her from the basement and led her up to the room blindfolded, but it definitely wasn't that. Yuna even made her shower and dress up in some of her old clothes to ensure that Ryujin did look like she wasn't in danger. She was a lot smarter than Ryujin thought.

"And," Yuna continued, grabbing her camcorder off her desk, "you threw your phone away because you didn't want to have any contact with anybody, and to not come and find you. If you mess up, we'll just record again."

Ryujin would say that she couldn't believe what Yuna was doing, but that would be a lie. Kidnapping the daughter of your father's murderer was still a tough one to beat.

"Why do I have to do this?"

Yuna looked as if she wanted to argue as she set up the camcorder, but sighed instead. "To make sure the police won't look for you."

"They'll be able to tell it's fake."

"Not after I watched it over a few times. So don't you even think about signaling for help."

A little smirk appeared on Yuna's face as she handed the camcorder to Ryujin. Ryujin resisted the urge to break the device.

"My mom will know it's fake. She knows I'm not like that."

Yuna's smirk only grew as she laced her fingers together and took a few steps away from the bed. "Ah, I almost forgot! You have to tell your dear mother that you hate her."

Ryujin felt her heart drop into her stomach.

"Or that you were never happy living with her." Yuna shrugged. "I know how hard it is to tell something like that to your parent."

But Ryujin was shaking her head. She couldn't lie to her mom like that, her support system. That would make things much worse and make her mom be even more upset. No, she couldn't.

"Do it, or I'll break your kneecaps," Yuna threatened, pointing the bat towards Ryujin's knees.

"I can't—"

"You can and you will. If not...maybe your dear friends will pay the consequences?"

Ryujin was trying her hardest to keep the tears at bay. She didn't deserve this, her friends didn't deserve this, her mom didn't deserve this. And all for what? Because her deadbeat dad got Yuna's killed? How was that any of their faults?

"Where's your dad?" Ryujin boldly asked, keeping a straight face as to not let a tear drop.

The expression on Yuna's face faltered. "He's not here right now. And he has nothing to do with this."

"That's not what I heard."

"Oh? And what have you heard?"

"That you're a liar."

That surely dropped the smile on Yuna's face. She looked very intimidating, so Ryujin had to play her cards right so she didn't get a bat to her face.

"Record the video."

"Tell me what happened to your dad."

"Record. The. Video."

"Is he really out on business? Or did something happen to him?"


"And what do Yeji and Chaeryeong have to do with anything?"

Yuna was glaring at Ryujin while wearing a look that could kill. She wasn't sure if she succeeded or was doomed.

"Record the video," Yuna said through clenched teeth. "Forget the bit about your mother. But do everything else."

Okay, Ryujin didn't expect for that outcome, but she graciously accepted it.

"Then will you tell me about your dad?"

Yuna didn't say anything for a long few moments. Her jaw visibly clenched and unclenched, grip on the bat tightening. Ryujin could already hear the 'no' on Yuna's tongue, when—


Ryujin's eyebrows flew up, so sure that Yuna was going to deny her request/demand (it was asked like a request, but it was more of a demand in Ryujin's mind). "Seriously?"

Yuna rolled her eyes again and shrugged. "If the video is good, yeah. Besides, it's not like you have anybody else to tell."

Her response was unsettling, but Ryujin tried not to let it get to her.

If only she knew that whole ordeal was bringing her a step closer to freedom...

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