TCHS: Part 2

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As the group had traveled for quite some time, sundown began to fall upon them. They had come to a waterfall that flowed into a natural pool of deep blue water.  It is where they had decided to set up camp for the night.

"Oh my God!", exclaimed Hailey, "It's beautiful!  Has anyone ever seen anything more beautiful in their entire life?"

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"Oh my God!", exclaimed Hailey, "It's beautiful!  Has anyone ever seen anything more beautiful in their entire life?"

"I believe I have once or twice.", Agan responded with a smile.

Hailey furrowed her brow, and looked at him with a smirk upon her face.

"Somehow I can't even imagine that." Said Hailey.

"Oh you'd be surprised.", replied Agan, "Sometimes all you have to do is look right in front of you, and you'd be amazed at the beauty that stands before you."

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you.", said Hailey, "But it's been a long hot day. While we still have some sunlight, I think I'll take advantage of the God given wonder that is right before us."

"Please Señorita.", warned one of the guides, "Just be careful. The natural wonders of the rainforest can be as dangerous as they are beautiful. There are many dangerous animals around here, especially poisonous snakes.  Just be cautious, and constantly aware of you surroundings."

"Snakes?", exclaimed Hailey. A wide eyed look of fear appeared upon her face. True, she knew that the rainforest would be an untamed wilderness. However she had been more concerned with animals like jaguars, and alligators.  Those at least you could see. Snakes of the other hand where small, and much more stealth. the last thing she needed was to have a snake crawling into her sleeping bag, while she slept. She was already worried about her male classmates trying that, she didn't need it from venomous reptiles as well. Little did she know about the amorous admirer that had been observing her since their arrival. Nor did she know that he was reading her thoughts as well.

"Don't worry my dear." The Naga King said as he watched her, "You have nothing to fear from my soldiers, and I will not let any other creature of my kingdom harm you. For they all know that they would face my wrath if any harm came to my future queen."

"Ah!", exclaimed Agan as he squinted his eyes, and quickly removed his glasses.

"Are you alright Dr. King?", asked Hailey.

With his eyes closed shut, he held the bridge of his nose. He looked at her with a bit of confusion.

"Yes, I'm fine.", he told her, "It's just strange. Ever since we arrived I seem to get these strange headaches. They come in sudden burst of extreme migraine pain, but then they just seem to go away. But what is really strange, it's almost as if time itself stops as I'm suffering from them."

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