Chapter 21

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     (A/N: I'm not dead guys! I'm just dealing with some boy trouble for the past month and now it's getting worse... sorry for not updating. If you want to know the details... go to my other book.)


      (Third Person POV)

  (Name) and EJ walked to his lab. On the way there, they saw BEN.

  BEN raised and eyebrow, "Hey guys. Where are you two headed?" He asked, mainly looking at (Name).

  "Ummm... can I tell him, EJ?" She asked nervously, while looking at EJ for an answer. But, he shook his head 'no' "Let's wait until after, ok?"

  "Ok." She said.

  "Ok... now I'm getting suspicious."

  "Nothing to get suspicious about, BEN. It's just 'personal' stuff. And we have to meet Slender somewhere for that reason." EJ said a bit sassy.

  BEN looked at both of them in suspicion, but decided to let them both go.

  "Alright. I'll just let you guys do your own thing. I'll be off in my room catching up on some of my games that I haven't finished yet." BEN said with a soft smile, mainly towards (Name), but she didn't notice.

  They both nodded.

  "Ok, BEN. I wish you luck then. Just don't be too loud because Jeff isn't himself again, and I'd hate to see him come after your ass again, for the fifth time." EJ said, placing a hand on BEN's shoulder.

  BEN sighed, "I know, it's just... you know I can't help it since that... incident."

  (Name) looked at BEN and EJ with an eyebrow raised in confusion. "What incident?"

  EJ and BEN looked at each other and BEN said, "It's nothing. Don't worry about it. Just... nothing worry about." BEN mumbled sadly, while heading up to his room.

  "I hope he'll be ok."

  "I guarantee BEN will be fine, (Name). Just give him some time." EJ said.

  She looked at EJ for a second in worry, then replied, "Alright. Well... let's go get this done." She smiled softly.

(At EJ's Lab)

  As soon as EJ and (Name) entered the lab, they both see Slender Man standing beside the table where all the tools are.

  "I see you two made it, good. Are you sure you want to do this, (Name)? You won't be able to return back to your normal life, you will stay her for a long time." Slender Man asks (Name) in reassurance.

  "Yes. I still want to go through with this. My life was full of shit and I don't want to go back to that. And plus... I had nothing for me there." She replied sadly.

  "Alright. If you're sure. Come, my child. I want you to lay on the bed and EJ is going to put a syringe in your arm to knock you out and a mask over your face to steady your breathing. And like I said before, you won't feel a thing since you're going to be knocked out for a while. But, you will probably feel it after a few days prior to when you wake." Slender Man explained.

  She did as Slender Man told her to do. (Name) saw EJ walk towards a cabinet and grabbed a mask. Then, he walked over to a different cupboard and grabbed a syringe, along with a glass bottle of Anaesthesia.

  EJ took the syringe, dipped it in the bottle and sucked some of the Anaesthesia up to the three meter mark. Then, he grabbed a machine that hooked up to the mask, which pretty much looked like an oxygen machine.

  He set up the machine up on the right side of (Name), on the floor, and stood to the left of her, along with Slender Man.

  "Are you ready, (Name)?" EJ asked, getting ready to stick the syringe into her right arm. (Name) nodded slowly. "Yeah. I'm just a little nervous, that's all." "It's ok, my child. I assure you, you'll be fine."

  "Thank you, Slender Man." He chuckled, "You're welcome, my child. And please... call me Slender." (Name) laughed a little, but nodded.

  "Do it, EJ." (Name) said.

  He nodded and put the syringe into her arm. (Name)'s vision slowly got blurry, and before she knew it... she blacked out.

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