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🌙• Wow.... I'm already at 200 reads... dude I-

✨• Like, it's not my first time reaching a high amount of reads and such, if you see my klance book you know what I mean. It has 3k.

🌙• But it never fails to make me feel accomplished, glad, or just... awe struck when I have people actually reading and enjoying my story

✨• But, just- just thank you.  But while I'm at it, anyone who's into Reddie... I'm into that to😂 and I'm making a one shot book as well... that doesn't mean I'm going to stop updating on this book. I really enjoy writing about these two, though I feel like I don't really capture they're personality correctly?

🌙• anyways, I know no one really pays attention to these, so my over all message was just thank you, and check out my new book. I'm so grateful for those of you who I see reoccurring-ly active on this book :)

-signing off

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