Do You Remember?

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I sat down at my desk and pulled out my journal. I opened it to a random entry and read:

October 31st,

Today Gage promised me that he'd take me Trick-or-Treating. He is so sweet, too bad Matt can't know. He'd really like Gage if he just gave him a chance. Speaking of Matt, he thinks I'm going by myself. At first he wasn't too sure if he should let me go but Jay convinced him to let me go. I havn't talked to Kyle in a couple weeks 'cause we have no classes together. I'm really starting to miss him. Sometime during Lunch, Gage snuck into my locker and put a big bag full of candy in my bag. He's so romantic and sweet, even if he doesn't think so. Well, I've gotta go now, Gage's here. Wish me luck!

-Melony Perkons

Typical Gage, I thought smiling. I flippedback to another random entry just as the teacher walked in. Her name is Ms. Charles, our History teacher. Roumors say she never speaks to anyone.

She passed out textbooks to everyone without saying anything, i huess rumors are right sometimes...

I looked up at the board and saw it said to read pages 1-30 by tomarrow. My jaw dropped. 30 pages!

I set my textbook up and put my journal on the inside so i could read it without her noticing.

May 13th,

Today was one of the best day's in my life! Gage Amore talked to me! He is soo cute!

I laughed quietly and kept reading.

I think he likes me too because I caught him staring at me three times during Lunch! The only problem is that Matt told me that I should stay away from him. Apparently he's a "Bad Boy". Whatever, Matt can't read my journal so he won't know that I LOVE Gage! I would never say it to his face though. I mean, getting rejected by a hot Sophmore would be devastating! Well I'm going to hit the sack now. Love ya!


I guess I was pretty childish last year...

Ms.Charles was walking down the rows checking to make sure that everyone was reading so I quickly shut my journal and hid it behind my textbook. I flipped two pages ahead and began reading.

Two classes later it was finally Lunch. Jay said that she'd distract Matt while Gage and I left for Lunch.

He put a bandana over my eyes and helped me into his car.

"No peeking" He said. I couldn't help but to smile.

"Where are we going?" I asked trying to buckle my seatbelt. He reached over and buckled it for me.

"You'll see" I heard the car start and then we were on our way. He did this alot during the school year but never really went to the same place.

When the car finally stopped, Gage got out and opened my door. Then he took off the bandana.

"Okay, now open your eyes" I opened my eyes and gasped.

There was a redcheckered blanket and a picnic basket.Our picnic wasset up next to a really pretty lake. It was breathtaking.

"Oh my gosh Gage!" Ithrew my arms around him. "It's amazing"

"Oh I know" He said grinning.

We sat down and ate ourlunch. We had sandwiches, juice boxes and cookies. After we finished eating,Gage pulled me into his lap.

"Close your eyes again" He whispered into my ear.

"Do I always have to close my eyes?" I asked laughing.

"Well for this, yes" I closed my eyes and sighed.

I felt somethig cold on my neck.

"Okay, you can look now"

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