Chapter 15

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I walked out onto the stadium. 


The sun shone brightly in my eyes and the roar of the crowds was intense. 

I'm so sorry.

I made my way to center stage where Netami and the exam proctor waited for me.

I was so worried that you'd react negatively to the truth.

 I stopped in front of Netami.

I never stopped to realize how I was hurting you this whole time. 

Netami smirked an all-knowing and triumphant smirk at me.

You're too good for me.

I stared back.

And I never got to tell you just how much you've always meant to me. 

Netami nodded at something.

Maybe I sound silly, I just can't help but feel like..

"Jinx?" The proctor calls. I look at him. "Are you ready?" He asks. I nod. 

"As I'll ever be."

"Then let the match begin!" 

We both jumped back and stared at each other.

"Why don't you tell me who you really are?" I finally ask. 'Netami' smirks.

"Clever girl." She remarked. "But that's not until later in the show." 

"So what's for Act I?" 


Netami jumps at me but I dodge and quickly take out both my scissors, swiping them at her. She backs up, but her neck gets scratched. She lifts her hand to the cut and licks away the blood from her fingers.

"Going straight the fatal hits hm?"

"Im not in the mood for games." I respond. Netami smirks and performs hand signs. The ground emits spikes at me, but I jump up and land perfectly on one of the spike's tips. I use a jutsu to enlarge of my scissors and jump up, stabbing it into the ground where Netami once stood, barely dodging it.

"You're fast." Netami notes. "Definitely putting up a good show."

I rip out my scissors and let them shrink. Netami continues. "I wonder if I'm strong enough to beat you after all."

"You're not." I answer. Netami smirks.

"Luckily, I've prepared for that. You see, I may not be strong enough for you," She pulls out two scrolls, "but these are." 

As she walks toward me, the scrolls begin to glow an ominous purple color, and I feel the demon within me begin to stir. I back up. Netami chuckles.

"Do you feel it?" She asks as she quickly does some hand signs. The exam proctor shouts out to us.

"Where did you get those scrolls? That's against the rules! Stop!" He goes to intervene, but Netami finishes her jutsu and a barrier lifts around the stadium, held together by previously hidden seals around the stage. I feel myself grow nervous. What's going on? Chains burst from the ground behind me faster than I can see and they wrap around my ankles, thighs, wrists, shoulders, and waist, pulling me roughly down to the ground. I grunt from the impact and strain on my knees against the chains, to no avail. I look up and give a glare at Netami. She walks closer with a smug smile, the purple glow from her scrolls getting brighter and stronger as she approached. 

It felt as though the demon side of me was being forced closer and closer to the surface. It was painful. I let out a feral growl.

"Aw, is the pampered little rat losing control?" She mocks. "Good. I'll make you pay for what you did to me eight years ago."

I groan from the pain of whatever was radiating from those scrolls as I try to think. Eight years ago..

"Impossible." I get out through gritted teeth. "Eight years ago I was.."

"Six years old, yes, a lot happened then didn't it? Happy birthday, by the way." She sneered. She turned and walked away from me, relieving the pressure and causing me to pant. "Let's being Act II: Revealed." She turned to the crowds. "Ignorant people of Konoha. This 'girl' you've come to love and accept has been deceiving you." She called.

"Stop." I hiss, but she takes one of her two scrolls and rests it on my lap. My jaw tightens as I try and hold in the agony of my demon. I pull violently at my chains, feeling the bruises already forming.

"As I was saying, there is much you fail to realize about this monster before you." She says. "Allow to me to enlighten you. She comes from a village far away from here called the Village Hidden in the Zodiacs, ruled under the Hoshikage. She comes from a family of filthy low-leveled thieves- the bottom of any chain. They stole from anyone and everyone. Finally, the Hoshikage saw fit to punish them. On her sixth birthday, this little cutie was targeted by the Hoshikage's men. And killed." She grinned happily. "Getting curious yet? Well, this little rat got a second chance when a raccoon demon gave her life again.So that makes her a demon-human hybrid. A FREAK."  She said darkly. My vision blurred as I watched everyone's face twist with shock and horror, letting out gasps. Naruto's eyes were wide, Hinata covered her mouth, Kankuro's jaw was dropped. "So, left with no other option, the Hoshikage took her under his rule for some years." Netami turned to me. "You've always ruined peoples' lives. And then you had to go and ruin mine! You took him from me! He never even looked at me when he had you! I was nothing to my own father because of you!" She screamed. My eyes widen.

"The Hoshik-kage was your-.."

"Was. But he seemed to like you better. He gave you all his time and left me alone!" She yelled. I grew angry, and whatever the scroll on my lap was doing to me was not helping.

"DO YOU EVEN HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT HE DID TO ME ALL THAT TIME?!" I screeched, enraged. Netami looked taken aback. 

"Love you?!" She answered. I stared at her in disbelief. "You don't deserve friends or family! You should have stayed dead you freak! My dad loved a monster more than he did me! So I'll show your 'loved ones' what you really are. And they'll see- they'll all see. And you'll be the one alone!" She wailed, grabbing the scroll from my lap and unravelling both of them and swinging them down on me.

The last thing I saw was Gaara, eyes wide in total shock and disbelief, before I was drowned in a blinding white light, and engulfed in the worst pain I've ever felt. I felt my demon form taking over. I felt the ears of a raccoon replace my human ones, darkly tipped and furry. A full ringed tail whipped forth behind me. My canines elongated and sharpened as well as my nails. The rings around my eyes got fuller, thicker, more like a mask. My eyes dulled to a chocolate brown and all of my senses magnified. 

When the process was complete, the light and pain died down, leaving me limp against the chains and panting heavily, my head bowed. Gasps and screams erupted from the crowds, and for some reason, that hurt more than my muscles. My vision blurred again with tears and I clenched my fists. 

"Now you have no one. You'll always be alone- forever." Netami hissed. "And all by the hand of the Hoshikage's daughter, Mekura!"

At her cry, a tear rolled down my face. I wanted to see Gaara and his reaction, but I couldn't lift my head to see him. All I could focus on was the red anger pulsing through my vision, and the desperate strains of my muscles to control it. I bit my lip to suppress a defeated and helpless sob.

"Here comes The Final Act!" Mekura cried out maniacally. "Sudden Death."

It's all over. 

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