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We stayed at Abigail's until she closed. Prince Hayes bought an absurd amount of candy. I think he did it because he wanted to show off. Once back to the castle we went for a walk and talked for awhile, then went to bed. I laid restless most of the night. I wanted to explore some more, but I knew better. Knowing me, I'd get lost.

The next morning Emma and I walked down to the dinning hall just the two of us. She wasn't much of a social lite. Ben I could at least get him to hold a conversation, Emma not so much. That didn't stop me from trying though.
"Do you miss Canada?" I pulled the question out of thin air. Maybe it's just trying to place homesickness on her too.
"Do you miss California?" Emma asked me in return. I nodded. "Then you know my answer." I looked at her. "Sometimes we miss the things we know but we give them up for things that are better for us or make us happy."
"Does being here make you happy?" A smile picks at the corners of her mouth. I don't think I'd ever really seen her smile.
"It's a job with great perks, I do enjoy Baltaver. The happiness was more in reference to you." A heat wave washed over my heart. I was happy here and the thought of giving up California seemed painfully easy.

Breakfast was back to it's normal routine. George cooked and the four of us sat at the table and ate. Prince Hayes was quiet most of the breakfast. I kept glancing at him but he seemed to be in a far away place, lost in thought. That only made me feel uneasy. Maybe he was still in a sugar comma from last night, but I had a gut feeling that wasn't it. Breakfast was quieter than normal but wasn't completely out of place.

After breakfast Hayes and I we walked through the halls aimlessly.
"You seem far." He look at me.
"You seem far." I repeated.
"My apologies. Stressful meeting soon." I nodded my head. We walked in silence again.
"Anything I can do to help?" I finally asked. He shook his head. I had never felt the difference between us until now. He felt noble and above me like a Prince should be. I felt small and like a drop in the bucket. One day he will rule a country, the only royalty I'll ever be is a drama queen.

We made our away around to the conference room. Count Edward and his mother Helen stood outside the room with the King and Queen. My mouth ran dry. That is a stressful meeting. I stood stiffly at Prince Hayes side. Edward and I locked eyes. The King and Queen walked into the room without a word.
"We have a meeting." Hayes said hastily and walked into the conference room. Helen followed him. Edward went to follow his mother.
"Edward, this does not concern you." Helen told him sternly. My mouth watered, it tasted like pennies. Hayes and I locked eyes.
"It won't be long. I promise, please wait." I didn't want to wait, not with Edward at least. Reluctantly, I stiffly nod my head. Hayes took in a deep breath and gave me a sharp nod. I was slightly mad at him for making me sit out here with Edward. Not a warning or a book for comfort. Helens eyes burned Edward. He let out a deep breath, his chest deflated. He looked smaller and less threatening. The door closes in our faces. We are left all alone in the hallway; together.

Count Edward and I sat outside the doors. The chairs were hard and far apart. I tried to look anywhere but him. Our breathing echoed off the walls around us. Mine was quicker paced, his seemed lazy.
"Are you staying in Baltaver?" He finally broke the silence.
"Uh, no. My flight got cancelled again. I'll be home just shy of New Years." I laughed nervously. He nods in thought.
"They seem to like you." Heat prickled at my cheeks. "Prince William especially." My cheeks burst into flames.
"I just think that's because they can't get rid of me." He smiled down to his hands.
"I think otherwise, but I digress." I studied his profile. Edward wasn't a bad looking man, I just think he was too high on his soap box.
"Prince William told me you two were close as kids." He nodded. "Why'd that change?" I knew Hayes side of the story. I wanted to know his. He sighed deeply.
"My father passed when I was younger. I shut everyone out, became impossible to deal with. My own mother couldn't stand me some times." Edward pinched his lips in a thin line. "Losing a parent is hard." I nodded.
"My mom died when I was a baby." He looked at me. "I have a step mom. She's okay. My dad really loves her. I just feel like she's an extra additive we didn't need." I spoke softly. "That sounds harsh but." I trailed off.
"I can understand that. My mother never looked at another man after my father. She just hired more staffing to cover all the things he used to do. That was hard to watch."
"It's hard to watch the world move on when you're no where near ready to." Edward and I stared at each other for a long time.
"Yes." He whispered. "I think I'm understanding William more when it comes to you." I turned my head slightly. The conference room doors shot open. Helen and Hayes walked out together with the King and Queen strapped tightly behind.
"We didn't hear and screaming or fighting so that was a good sign." Hayes said.
"We played the quiet game. I lost every time." They all laughed slightly, Edward included. I curtsied. Edward and Hellen slightly bowed to me. They both gave me gentle smiles before they left.
"Was he smiling at you?" The King asked shocked. I was too. The last time Edward and I encountered each other it didn't end well.
"What can I sat, I'm charming." The King smiled brightly like Prince Hayes.

Prince William and I wondered the castle since it was snowing out.
"What was your meeting about?"
"The last time Edward was here." My body filled with guilt.
"I'm sorry." I mumbled.
"It's not your fault. Edward has been like this for years. It was a family intervention some would say." Even though he made valid points, I still felt guilty. I caused the outbreak. His arm brushed mine, I looked up at him. "It's been settled." I nodded. "What did you two talk about?"
"Nothing much." I lied. For someone with both parents, he wouldn't understand.

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