「 kwon mirae 」

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stage name: mira (미라)birth name: kwon mirae (권미래)english name: marie kwonage: 20zodiac: leo birthday: 17th august, 1999nicknames: lioness, m, mira-ie

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stage name: mira (미라)
birth name: kwon mirae (권미래)
english name: marie kwon
age: 20
zodiac: leo
birthday: 17th august, 1999
nicknames: lioness, m, mira-ie

- trained under jyp for 2 years
- if she stayed in jyp she could have debuted with itzy
- debuted april 12th 2018 with one song
- lived in london, england for 2 years alone
- moved to south korea in 2015
- trained under kq entertainment for 6 months as a dancer and 6 months as a singer/ rapper
- originally was meant to just be a dancer but after discovering her singing talents they trained her right away
- her role models are CL, Beyoncé, Red Velvet's Seulgi and BLACKPINK's Jennie/ Rosé

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