Okay, so for this chapter, im going to try to be normal.

Not some random fangirl shit; not some emotional mess; not some depressed teenage girl; not some loser; me.

Well yeah I'm all of those but I'm just gonna write what I feel like writing.

See if you guys hate it?

I'm gonna be doing some q and a's bc why not

So... I want to see if you're actually a true graddy. Vote, vote, vote.

If you have any questions for me (please) leave them on michael.

caLM doWn guYs miCHAEL iS tHe d0T


^^ comment up there bitches

So like anything.

I'll do advice bc sure why not

I'll tell you my story

I'll tell you stuff about me

I won't help you with your homework

So yeah.

Example; Why did you start #LittleSisterLove?

You guys should already know the answer guys come oN

Okay ask away hoes

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