The baby

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Fell pudding POV

Cupcake got me a new phone I couldn't thank her enough for this I put my phone back in the bag and she also put her phone in her bag and we got up she held my hand again and we started to walk she was trying to talk but she sigh.

Cupcake it's alright you don't need to talk if you find it hard. I will understand completely.

She looked at me and started to cry was it something I said I shit raven going to kill me.

As she stoped she smiled and said thank you I smiled and said you're welcome.

Then I walked her home after a fun day her mother and father opened the door and I smiled and said hello they invited me in.

Fell reaper POV

Finally we get to see pudding cupcake was smiling and I just smirked at them then Gino said reaper no reaper yes I said as I asked when we can see our grandkids they both blushed as Gino was laughing.

Anyways thank you for walking our daughter home pudding as I looked at cupcake I noticed her tears.

Cupcake what happened I asked then pudding told us I was in rage he is out off jail as I looked at Gino and my son I told them to lock the house up.

Pudding I need to talk to you about this let's go for a walk into our guest room.

As we walked and was a lone with him I started to talk.

Pudding did cupcake tell you why she was so scared off fell cray if she didn't well the truth is fell cray was the one who made cupcake blind and not talking much.

As you can tell he was in jail until now he abused her to the point raven and I couldn't get her to talk at her old school she was treated and threatened from her teacher and her so called friend's.

If you see him please don't let him touch our daughter she will shut herself in her room here is my number and Gino and raven number if you need our help.

We should get back to them.

And we walked back to them as cupcake was giggling at her new phone she was playing with a apps that lets you put funny stickers on other's face's I noticed that she gave me her new phone and hugged pudding as I took and normal photo then a sticker picture.

I gave her back the phone and smiled sending it to pudding phone and when she found the other photo she put it in the profile picture near the number and so did pudding.

Fell Gino POV

I smiled at the two as pudding put his new phone on charged and put our number's into the phone as cupcake did also I had a pain in my belly I yelled out saying the baby is coming and they all looked at me.

Pudding called his mother and father as they both teleport here. As error moved me to get me to lay down.

Reaper was holding my hand as I tightly held onto it as raven was video taped it.

( after a painful death grip on reaper hand )

Fell raven POV

I couldn't stoped laughing at my father all the way though the brith off our new arrival as everyone and everything calmed down we heard a baby cry and error hand the baby to mother as I asked if it was a boy or girl and error smiled and said it's a baby girl.

As she said that I was crying happy tears about this I will protect her know matter what as cupcake looked at her she smiled and I asked father what's her name going to be.

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