Chapter 2

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I woke up early today for my job interview in Nayeon's work. We've agreed last night that we will go at the same time for we don't wanna be late on my appointment and I am not yet that familiar in Seoul.

I wore a mid thigh black skirt, white blouse topped with a black blazer jacket. I guess this is enough outfit for an interview. I finished doing my make up too and ready to go.

"Jenduek, are you ready to go?" I asked me Jennie as I check the car before leaving.

"Yes, I am ready. Let's go?" She answered.

"Yeah. Nayeon is just waiting for us." I answered then blew the horn to let Nayeon know that we are ready to go. We'll be dropping Jennie to her university first before heading to Nayeon's work for it is on our way.

The workplace is not that far from the apartment. It will only take us 20 minutes to drive including dropping off Jennie in her school.

As we stepped in the premise, I can feel the vibe of the people. Everybody is focused on their work and no one bothers to throw a glance at us except for the receptionist.

"What can I do for you?" She politely asked.

"I'm here for an interview. My name is Jisoo Kim." I answered.

The receptionist then checked her log for confirmation of my appointment.

"You can proceed on the third floor. There's the elevator. Turn right and you will see the Human Resource Department." She instructed then gave a visitor's pass in replacement of my ID.

"Thank you." I said then bowed a little.

After I reached the department, we only waited for about 5 minutes before the interview started. I saw other applicants but I don't know which possitions are they applying for.

When it's my turn, the interview went on the usual. Like 'Tell me something about yourself.', 'Why did you choose this line of work?', 'How and what are you doing on your previous work?', etc.

I believe that I answered her with satisfactory. I'm not bragging but I can say that I got good grades in school and also good result in my licensure exam. I am not on the top 10 but I can say that I still have a pretty decent average in my name.

The lady who interviewed me asked me to wait for her until she finishes all the applicants and assess whom they will choose for the job.

And after a good three hours of waiting, the moment of truth has finally arrived. I got the job and will be starting to work the day after tomorrow.

I am so happy that I called my Mom to tell her the good news and also leave a message to Jennie and Nayeon. They are both happy for me by the way that Nayeon invited me as well as Jennie to celebrate at the Bar where Dahyun is working.

I just accepted her offer because of too much happiness.



Jisoo has been accepted for her job that made us come up with this little celebration. I wanted to bail out since I still don't feel like going on a bar but the two won't let me be.

The bar is not that packed because it's only a weekday. We settled to sit near the bar counter so that we can see Dahyun who's unfortunately cannot join us. But she said that she will go to our table from time to time. She's a bartender in here.

"This place is good. Is the band good too?" Jisoo asked Nayeon.

"They are beyond good. I've seen them a couple of times and I can say that they are great. They have cover songs as well as the originals. And their original song hits you in the face." Nayeon proudly said.

"Do you know them?" I asked cause I can sense that she's bragging to us the band.

"Yeah. I know them and they are now my friends. They're playing here for a year now. I met them through Dahyun." She explained.

"I see." I just said then roamed my eyes around the place.

As I am checking out the place, one girl caught my attention. She's with three other people and I can acknowledge Rosè, the blond hair in the university. I am looking at the conceited lady with a bangs that bumped on me earlier.

She's sitting casually while drinking her bottled beer. After a few moment of looking at her, she moved her head towards my direction and our eyes met.

I don't know why but my heart suddenly beat so fast. Maybe because I was just nervous cause she caught me staring? As we stare at each other, I saw her beautiful face but her expression is just blank. I can't tell if she's pissed off or if she recognized me or what. But wait? Did I just said beautiful face?

Our eye contact was broken because of Jisoo. I was lost in trance that I didn't hear her asked me a question on what do I want to drink.

"Hey, Jennie. Is there a problem?" She asked when I was not able to answer her immediately.

"Nothing. I just thought I knew the person at the other table." I answered and did not looked at the girl's table again.


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