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"You can't just do this to me!" Gwen snapped, she paced near the entrance of the radio station. "No. No. NO! I've been working my ass off to get here!" There was a pause. "They're paying half of tution and they gave me a job... You're only 46, you can't cut me out of your will! You're being very petty about this! ...You rasied me to be like this! Don't blame it on dad, I never knew him!... I know what you think, but - I'm sorry!" She stopped at the entrance, almost running into Dan.

"It's fine," he said, he was a little late for work so he was rushing. He glanced at the short girl, heard her yell that she wasn't apologizing on whoever she was on the phone with, then hurried inside.

Dan was still thinking about the brown haired girl that was outside when he completely smacked into a wall. Phil looked up from inside the recording area and laughed.

"Are you okay, Dan?" he asked. Dan shook his head and tried to laugh it off, but he was too embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Gwen was trying to hang up and clock in for her second day at work.

"Look- MOM! Stop!" She said, she stayed in place, as to not run into anyone, "I'm going to be late for- No, I'm an adult now, I can go to school where I want... No, I don't want to be a therapist, I want to be on the radio... I want to live my own life! I'm tired of always doing what you want... Name three? Okay! Ballet, cheerleading, student council, mathletes, chess club, soccer, volleyball, track, band, drama club, should I go on? Now, goodbye, I'm going to be late for my nice job that I enjoy!"

She mashed her finger down on the end call button and stormed inside.

"Hey Gwen," Phil greeted as she walked in. She nodded at him and into the recording area.

"Do you want any water," she asked the two guys, she tried hard to hide her red face.

"Water will be fine," Phil said. She nodded and turned to Dan.

"Nothing, thanks," Dan declined. Gwen left to go get the water. Dan turned to Phil, "Who's she?"

"That's Gwen," Phil said, "She's the new intern. She started yesterday."

"Oh, how'd you know?" he asked, "You weren't here yesterday."

"I actually was. I had to pick up my jumper I left last time."

"Oh, oka-"

"Here's you water, Phil," Gwen interrupted, "Oh, did I interrupt? I'm sorry."

Her face wasn't as red as it was when she left, she was calmer now. It doesn't mean she wasn't still freaking out. Through highschool she watched all of their videos, and got inspired to make her own channel, which is why she was here today. After meeting Phil she nearly melted down, but she was used to it now. Now Dan? What a week, too bad he hasn't said much to her.

"That's okay," he said, "We need to get started anyways."

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