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Jeon Jungkook
Lalisa Manoban



"Roses are red. They can be white, pink and purple too. But she's a black rose, different from the rest. A rare beauty that calls for me. And there I smile." - Serene I.

"Damn Jungkook, I knew when I hired you people will come to my café. Look at all these people!" I looked up from what I was doing, only to see Mr. Jung Hoseok, the owner of the café. I bowed and smiled politely.

"Thank you Sir." I said. Though I don't normally call him that when I'm not at work. I call him Hyung even if I'm older than him by almost a couple hundred years but he doesn't know that. Physically, I'm still a twenty-four-year-old guy and he's already around twenty six years of age.

"Where did you learn how to make great coffee anyway?" He asked me. I bit my lip, thinking what to answer.

"I don't really know." I ended up saying with a smile.

"Or maybe because he's like the crush of the students from the university nearby. You should've seen those kids, blushing while giving their orders. All eyes on Kook." My co-worker, Jisoo, said while rolling her eyes.

"Can't you just say I make great coffee?" I countered, shaking my head as I pour milk on the cup to decorate one of the orders that I'm working on.

"Hey Jungkook-ssi." I looked up again.

"Oh hello, Seora. You seemed late for your morning coffee today." I told her. "The usual I presumed?"

"Nope." She replied.

"Well that's a first." I said with raised eyebrow. "What can I get you then?"

"I'll order later. I'm still waiting for someone. So just water please." She said. I nodded my head and gave her the glass of water she was asking.

"Who are you waiting? Your boyfriend?" I heard Jisoo ask.

"Goodness no! Eonnie I'm waiting for a friend. And guess what?" Seora placed her elbows on the counter, her eyes on me with a sly smile on her face.

"What?" Jisoo and I said in unison.

"She has a crush on you!" Seora clapped her hands. I saw how Jisoo looked at me with raised eyebrows. I could only blink at what the girl said.

"Nothing new sweetie." Jisoo spoke when I didn't say anything. She then pointed to the other students hanging out inside the café. "You see these girls?"

I saw Seora nod her head, following where Jisoo was pointing at.

"They're all competing for the great Jeon Jungkook's attention here so good luck to your friend." Jisoo stated and I let out a cough. And I know my ears were red from what she said.

"What are you saying? Get back to work Soo, the cash register is right over there and get away from my coffee machines." I said as I push her away. Geez, can't I work peacefully?

Almost an hour had passed and I turned to Seora who was on her phone. I was done with the orders so that means I can go in the kitchen for a little break. I checked the time and it was already around ten thirty in the morning.

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