Chapter 65

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Chapter  65

It didn't take much of an effort to drag Oliver from the house this morning to do some last minute grocery shopping before our lunch date with Audrey and her beloved Belle. The usual milk, cheese and Nutella were thrown in the cart while I crossed them off my list. Oliver dragged on behind, his stature slowly swaying from side to side as we walked down the isles. He was lucky to get today off, lucky to have time for his upcoming wife.

'Do we need ice cream? I feel like we do.' Oliver's voice spoke behind me. I stop the cart and turn to him. Looking over my shoulder, I watch him trying to decide on Hokey Pokey or Cookies and Cream. The obvious choice here was Cookies and Cream.

I raise my brow, 'What do you think?' I hum. He gives me a side glare knowing that a choice has to be made and that it has to be the right choice.

He shakes both tubs, humming to the both of them and making a strong decision on Hokey Pokey. "EH, Wrong.' I blurt to him then his eyes drop.

'I'm sick of your uncultured ways, Anna.' He shakes his head and places both tubs into the cart. 'Two birds with one stone.' He shrugs and I shake my head at him.

We begin to walk along with me, hand placed gently on the shopping cart while we both look around us. 'Who's shift did you cover yesterday?' I ask watching his head turn towards me. He chuckles.

'Clark.' He shyly mumbles lowering his head. I chuckle at him.

'The good ol' clumsy Clarkly. I'm surprised he survived the cement mixer accident.' I look to him, those oak wood eyes looking back to mine.

Oliver shrugs, 'it was the cement mixer's fault it tripped over a rock and almost broke Clark's leg, not because Clark didn't level it properly at all.' He chuckles.

'Exactly. How is he not paralyzed?' We made our way to the registers considering we haven't any more to buy.

'Clark's made of steel.' Oliver laughs. 'Surprisingly, yesterday wasn't his fault. It was his missus.'

It suddenly clicks. 'Oh my God, did she have the baby?' I stop in my tracks to stare at Oliver. He smirks back at me, shaking his head.

'Most likely, it would check out as such.' He nods, smiling down at me. I begin to take some items from our cart onto the register's belt. Oliver joins in soon to help me out. 'I hope it's a boy.' Oliver mumbles.

I chuckle at him and stare towards him. 'Stop trying to put into the world that we will have a boy first... it's going to be a baby girl.' I poke my elbow into his sides, causing him to jerk and laugh gently.

'Keep dreaming wifey.' He smirks. I smile back at him, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.


After settling in back at home, it was a one-story house that was pushed tightly in between fences and bush, I packed all my groceries away into their assigned spots and shortly after I get a phone call from Audrey. I set down the box of cereal to pick up my phone and answer the phone call.

"Heyy." I gleam.

"Hey, love. I don't think we can make the lunch date." She sounded tired, somewhat run-down and frustrated too.

"Ah, it's alright. Everything good?" I ask, putting my phone down so I can gear her on the sound speaker.

"I don't know, Belle is sick as a dog and I don't think it's a good ides to be around the two of ya while she coughs up her demons." Audrey sighs and chuckles slightly after.

"Well, stay home and take care of her, I only want the two  of you to be safe." I continue packing away the rest of the shopping.

"Thank ya, Anna." She speaks and before I could say anything she spoke up again, "I got this weird phone call aye."

"What was up with it?" I ask walking over to the cupboard putting away unopened tomato sauce bottles. They could come in handy the next time we host a barbeque.

"For starters, it was a private number." Her accent was thick as it could be as she rambled on. "and when I opened the voicemail they left all they said was "dammit" and hung up?"

I think for a moment, it couldn't  have been anything important. "its obviously someone who got  the wrong number."

"That  is possible  aye, but they did sound surprisingly familiar."

"Who crossed your mind in particular?" I ask, grabbing the boxes of nutritional bars, the special ones that Olivier liked.

"Although I could be wrong." She mumbles.

The phone line goes silent for a minute waiting on her response. "No, it couldn't have been. I think it was someone wanting money from us...slow on our bills I guess."

"Audrey, how many times-"

"No, Anna, ya are not giving me a dollar of ya money. Its ya's and ya deserve it. Ya have a wedding coming up, so stop thinking of me and make a beautiful wedding." She bugged me, always. I offered plenty of times to help her and not once has she even considered my help.

"It will be beautiful but you're my friend, I want to help you."

"It's not happening Anna, but look I have to go, I can hear Belle dying in the bathroom from here" she laughs as she hangs up after an exchange of byes.


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