33• Splatter This Paint Before I Murder You Instead!

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33• Splatter This Paint Before I Murder You Instead!

33• Splatter This Paint Before I Murder You Instead!

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"CAMPBELL!" Coach yelled once practice had ended. "Get your head in the game son!"

I saluted him before leaving the gym, throwing my duffle bag over my shoulder. Get my head in the game, my ass. This isn't High School Musical.

I showered slowly. I didn't want to rush myself because the faster I showered, the faster I would have to be at the diner. The faster I would have to sit in a booth with Hannah and Alex pretending that I didn't have feelings for both of them. I was in for a treat tonight.

When I got out of the shower, the only people left were DeShawn and Tyler. Alexander was here, too, but still in the shower. I walked over and dug through my bag to get my clothes and deodorant out. But I sat down, taking my time. As I said, I didn't want to rush anything.

"Rough practice," Tyler said. I looked up and realized it had been directed towards me. Not in a mean way. He was just trying to make conversation. It seemed that Tyler hated me even less after Thanksgiving.

"Yeah, no kidding," I said. "I played like shit."

"We all played like shit," DeShawn said.

Tyler scoffed. "Speak for yourselves, boys. I'm perfection."

Alexander walked over to where we all were, smirking at Tyler. "Your body certainly is," Alexander said.

Tyler's cheeks went red and he quickly put on the shirt he was holding. "Shut the hell up, Alexander. Just because you broke up with my sister because you're gay doesn't mean you can just move onto the next Hamilton."

Alexander laughed. "I can't help myself," he walked over and ruffled Tyler's hair, "you're just so irresistible."

Tyler rolled his eyes and shoved Alexander away. "I'm out," he huffed before quickly leaving the locker room. DeShawn followed after him.

I looked up at Alexander with an amused expression. "Did you really have to flirt with Tyler?"

Alexander shrugged. "Now that I'm out, I can't help myself from noticing certain hot men," he said. "And Tyler is one of those very hot men."

"He's not gay," I drawled while I slipped my shirt over my head.

"Sure he's not," Alexander said. "Just like you don't have feelings for a certain Alex Hamilton..."

I scowled at him while I finished changing. "Those are very different things. Tyler Hamilton isn't gay. And yes, I have feelings for Alex. Quit shoving it into my face, would you?" I snapped.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's up?" Alexander asked. "You had a bad practice. You never have a bad practice. And you just snapped at me, so what's up?"

I groaned and ran a hand through my wet hair. "I'm going to meet up with Hannah and Alex at the diner."

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