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(Ok so this is remastered, edited, redone... I hope it's better than it was before cause it took a while to finish...)


(Robins P.O.V)

My body quivered slightly... He was home, where to hide? My heart beat faster, pushing blood quickly through my veins. The adrenaline rush made me antsy. Dragging footsteps scuffed outside, someone squeezed my hand. Not looking back I hear my brothers own heart in overdrive. His hand sweaty in mine, we wait, we watch... "Where are those damned kids?!"

Mother didn't do anything as Jason pulled me toward the kitchen table, rapidly shoving me in a chair and heaving himself into the other. I loved my brother, he tried to protect me...

Mother was in a rush putting dinner plates in front of us, my father sat down his eyes as empty as the beer bottle held lazily in his hand. Jason was clasping my hand as we tensed in anticipation for what he could do. But nothing happened 'Maybe it's one of his good days...' I thought sighing softly.

On his happy days, we went to school the next morning with cuts, and black and purple spots dotting us. That was nothing like any normal days, we'd have broken bones, gashes, blood dried on our hair... So you see, I hated my father, and all that he was...

There is no father for me or Jason, he's just Him... It... he means nothing but searing pain and suffering for us. I had begun to sag in my seat, and Jason poked my hand, though not fast enough for me to miss His eyes fill with rages... 'Great job self...'

He stormed to his feet, body seeming to quake with anger. "You show weakness with not a straight seat, why was I punished with you... you weak excuse for a human..." 

His eyes blazed, and my body sat ready, he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall. Held there by my neck I raised my hands to claw at his hands. Not being able to breathe, shadows me even now. Then I scratched at his bulky fingers, but I wasn't strong enough, my windpipe clogging and closing down. My heart beat wildly, my eyes screened the room, only to fall on Jason raising up a pitcher of sand behind my father. 

There was a clang, and sand fell over my father's face, the sand stuck to his lips and eyelashes. Even though I could see it stung, he didn't fall as I'd hoped, and my throat still clutched in his fist my body was hurled across the room. Blooming pain exploded in my back, turning weakly I had been tossed into the wall. 

I couldn't move, white flashed through my head, anger flooded me as well... 'Why does he get away with this...?'

Jason was skittering back from fathers outstretched arms. The beer bottle still held sloppily between his thumb and forefinger. I choked, air was filtering through my sore lungs. As energy twisted back within me I lay my head against the wall.

A scream ripped through the night air. Blankly twisting around, my back protesting with agony, and tear blinding me, I barley saw Jason get slammed into the counter. His ribs cracked, I could hear it, his screams were cut short as my father turned toward my mom. She took a look at us, eyes dark, turned and stumbled around the table to her room.

Betrayal and pain rose like the bile that crept up my throat. Acid seeped through my wounds. My father turned to give me a threatening glare and walked towards me limping heavily on his right leg. I instinctively curled up with my face and knees crushed up to the wall, and my back exposed. To protect my soft face from his blows. He took advantage and white exploded behind my eyes, the agony bombarded me hard enough to rip a screech from my 6 year old lips. 

Whimpering I hugged my legs closer to my chest and pushed harder against the wall. Hearing a huff and a squeal I considered that father had kicked Jason, and thenleft the room. After a moment's pause red slick arms wrapped around me, Jason held me gingerly in his arms... "Let's run away... Mother doesn't care about us... And father well, you know..." My tears cascaded down my bloody cheeks.

Nothing made sense, he was saying we were bad, that in was a punishment that he had us... But what about me, how do I get my say.... Then again if my father got his way in everything, Jason and I, we'd be long dead... Choking on my sobs kept me from replying... For a long time...

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