Chapter 15

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"Godmother?! Godfather!" Aurora tore through the Moors, not caring whether the vines and branches were in her way. She only knew that her aunties, Knotgrass and Thistlewit, had spread the news that a new Dark Fae was born, but Phillip had stopped her from going, and she was a day late. Not wanting to waste more time, she just came sprinting to the Moors. "Aurora! You can't just keep shouting like that!" The two fairies flew along at the back, their tiny wings trying their hardest to keep up with Aurora's large steps.

"Godfather!" Aurora finally stopped her shouting when Diaval popped his head from above, and he descended down from the nest above, cradling something in his arms. "Is that-" Aurora reached forwards, and Diaval handed her the tiny bundle, "Aurora, meet your younger sister, Melinda." Just as Diaval said her name, the previously sleeping Fae woke up, and her green eyes looked curiously from Diaval, to Aurora.

"Godfather?" Aurora paused, running her fingers against the tiny stubs that were beginning to show from both sides of Melinda's head, and Diaval nodded, "Yes. She's a Dark Fae, and her wings are growing too." Gently, Aurora peeled away the blanket covering Melinda, and she saw two spots where another two stubs were, but longer and across the entire of Melinda's back.

"Where's Godmother?" Aurora asked, and Diaval pulled down some vines to form a platform to stand on, before the branches began to lift them up to the nest. Inside the nest laid Maleficent, who was still deep asleep. It was obvious that the nine months had taken quite a toll on Maleficent, as the dark eyebags beneath her eyes shaded.

Her huge wings covered over her body like a blanket, and Aurora was about to leave the nest to prevent disturbing Maleficent, but just at that right moment, Melinda looked towards Maleficent, and she began bawling. "Shh, it's okay, Mother is sleeping..." Aurora desperately tried to calm the crying baby, but it was too late. Maleficent had shot up immediately the moment Melinda began crying, and she reached out for the baby.

"Shh, it's okay." Maleficent gently rocked Melinda in her arms, and upon seeing her mother, the baby calmed down, her tiny little fists resting down by her side and not flying around in the air. "Hello, Beastie." Maleficent greeted softly, and Aurora returned the greeting as she stepped into the nest.

"She's just so cute..." Aurora couldn't hold back a squeal as Melinda gave a tiny yawn in her sleep, and Maleficent smiled at Aurora, "Just like how you were. Exactly as curious, I would suppose. Just like her big sister." "That's right." Diaval smiled, finally joining the conversation, and he offered Maleficent and Aurora a handful of dark, round fruits. "Grapes?" He smiled, and Maleficent took a small handful as she ate it slowly.

"It's time to announce her to the Moors, don't you think?" Diaval suggested, and Maleficent nodded, though she did have her concerns. After all, Melinda was only just born, and if the Moor Folk decided to parade her around as they always did, it might be too much of a shock for the newborn. "Godfather?" Aurora suddenly called as she peeped over the side of the nest, and Diaval replied with a quick "Yes?"

"They're all here." Aurora pointed, and indeed. All the Moor Folk were gathered beneath their nest, and they all bowed down as they chorused in unison.

"Welcome to the Moors, Melinda, daughter of Diaval and Maleficent."


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