Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Sighing, I take one last look in the floor-length mirror in the hotel room, perching my lips. I'm wearing a pink lace midi dress which has a pink stretchy bodycon underlining with a lace overlay. It's got a plunge front with two cross straps over the back and the edge at my thigh and over my boobs has a little bit of extra lace to give it a trim. I've even paired it with pink shoes and a matching pink clutch.

My hair is down and loosely curled, showing off my new blonde highlights and my makeup is perfect and elegant, giving me the look I was going for.

Checking my Apple Watch, I sigh, knowing I should be heading downstairs to the ballroom. Grabbing my phone before heading out of the room, I bring up a new text to Naomi.

Me: Who do you think is enjoying themselves the least?

Her reply comes as I step into the elevator.

Naomi: I'm at a solid 9/10 on displeasure.

Laughing slightly, I quickly type a reply as other people come into the elevator when it stops at a floor below me to let more people on.

Me: I haven't even entered the ballroom and I'm at an 8/10. So by the end of the night, I think I'll win.

Naomi: If he's a dick, throw your drink over him.

Me: Got it.

When the elevator dings and opens at the lobby, I put my phone back into my bag and follow the crowd out, blinking in surprise when I step into the ballroom, seeing the place elegantly decorated and the place hiving with people.

Realising I should definitely have asked someone, anyone, else to come after Naomi said she couldn't, I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. Grabbing a drink from the tray of a passing waiter, I gulp it back before straightening my shoulders and force a look of confidence onto my face as I make my way further into the room, glancing around for anyone I know.

I spot Dani and Mike at the side of the room laughing and chatting with Kathy's parents. I am about to head over when I see Miles and Matthew are by their side as well. Miles has his back to me, yet it's definitely him. I've always loved seeing him in a suit and the one he is wearing tonight is navy and perfectly tailored to him, highlighting those broad shoulders and firm ass.

Glancing around again, I spot Jade and Marc over by Kathy and her date, giving me an easy escape, yet I know it's rude to ignore Dani and Mike, especially after them making the effort by inviting me despite how I purposefully lost touch with them all.

Sighing, I force myself to move towards them and smile. Dani spots me first, looking genuinely happy to see me, saying something before everyone else turns as well, yet I keep my gaze on Dani and Mike.

"Hey, this place is amazing." I offer, hugging Dani when she opens her arms. She hugs me tightly and when she pulls back, she surprises me by cupping my face.

"That dress is amazing. When did you get in?" She asks, smiling encouragingly.

"A few hours ago," I answer.

"Did you design that, dear?" Mrs Porter, Kathy's mum, asks. Turning to her, Dani releases my cheeks.

"Yeah. Jennifer gave me a lecture a few months back that it's a crime to wear another designer if I'm dressed up." I muse, feeling Miles's eye's burning into the side of my head, yet I ignore it.

"I was actually out shopping with Kathleen last week and we came across your line. It was beautiful. Kathy bought a few things from your work clothes section." She says, making me feel warmth in my stomach at the fact that Kathy obviously approved. I know she is like a big sister to Miles and I always looked up to her as well.

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