[Love and Tears] part 17.

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"W-what do you mean 'You can't lie to me?'" I managed to ask, gulping as I did so.

"Callie, don't make me say it." Jay told me, biting his lips. I had hoped it hadn't been him. But it was. Everyone's eyes were on us as the whole room filled with silence except from our occasional speech. My breathing got heavier as I tried to piece this all together. It seemed a part of the puzzle was missing.

"Y-you!?" I screamed, my eyes filling with tears.

Steven stepped in. "Callie, isn't it?" Jay nodded his head. "It's not as bad as it seems."

The tears welling up inside my eyes managed to affect my speech. The words I spoke came out croaked and high-pitched so I decided I wouldn't speak at all. Instead, I dropped my mouth in shock.

"It really isn't," Steven continued. "I didn't do anything to you, nothing happened."

"You're his brother!" I cried. "You kidnapped me. You was told to by... by... him!" I couldn't say Jay's name. Every time I had said it, it made me feel sick inside. How could Jay do this to me? Why?

Danielle walked up to me and gently stroked my back. "Babe, calm down."

I slapped her hand off my back and yelled at her. "Get off me!" I tried to stay strong but it didn't work. It certainly didn't help with all eyes on me. I frowned, rubbing my head, trying to hold any more tears wanting to escape from my eyes. My stomach churned. I felt vomit making it's way up my tube, however I ignored it.

"I can't do this." I whispered, running out of the door and down the stairs. I had already had enough stress in my life, I really did not need any more.

"Callie!" Jay shouted, running after me. His foot steps resembled mine, meaning I wasn't sure whether he was still following me. I didn't want to turn back, I just wanted to keep running. The grabbing of my arm shocked me. I jumped and tumbled down the stairs. Then everything went black...

I woke up to my eyes rolling around my head. My name echoed in my mind. My breathing was heavy and my vision was doubled.  I coughed a few times before my vision completely pieced together. Jay was in front of me, staring right into my eyes as they slowly opened. 

"Callie! Callie!" He shouted, and repeated a numerous amount of times before I opened my eyes fully. I let out a small groan.

"Ow" I stretched out. I dragged my arm up to my forehead, before noticing there was a big bump there. It was formed all the way from the middle of my forehead to the end. I applied pressure to it and I screamed at this. Jay gently rubbed my forearm, it ticked, making me calm down. I had forgotten about all the previous arguments when he held me. I had forgotten about everything. I then remembered what he had done to me and slapped his arm away from me.

I tried to get up and he held my back, placing me back onto my back. He didn't seem fazed by the slap I had just given him.

"Easy," he said gently.

"Get off me!" I protested, pushing him weakly. Whenever I moved my head hurt. "Ow!"

"I told you to take it easy." He chuckled. I stared at him, seriousness written on my face. Was this the time for chuckling? Did he think he would calm me down, look after me for a bit and then everything would be OK? I shuddered at the thought. I really didn't know anything about him. What was I thinking? To think he actually liked me...

I giggled in my mind. I was the weird loner girl with no friends and he was the popular one who was seemingly interested in me with the slaggish evil (or not so evil) girlfriend. It was just so funny how one boy had changed everything. He was partially responsible for my Uncle being in hospital. He was responsible for my kidnap. And he was responsible for the weird feelings I had never experienced before!

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