Chapter 46 The Ultimatum

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Chapter 46  


"Declan, I'm so sorry about Jaime's mother," I said just after opening the door.  Declan had texted me this morning saying he wanted to talk, so I had him meet me at my apartment and sent Ajax on ahead to the hospital to bring the boys a decent non-hospital breakfast and let Finn know I'd be there soon.

"Thanks Nico, he's taking it pretty hard.  I mean, it was expected, with the cancer and all, but I guess he wasn't expecting it this soon or he wouldn’t have come to New York with me."

"So, what is it you wanted to talk about, I presume it's Finn."  I tried to sound as natural as possible, despite the twisting in my stomach.

"Nico, I've never interfered or even judged your lifestyle choices because they are yours, they're none of my business.  But this…this time I can't.  I care about that boy and I can't stand by and allow you to…take away his childhood.  He's had to grow up too early already, let him have his last couple of years the way a teenager should."  Declan began, getting right to the punch and I stood, stunned for a moment.

"What are you saying Declan?"

"I'm saying that it stops now.  I won't allow you to continue your relationship with Finn."

"Do you propose I put him back out on the street?"

"No, of course not.  Jaime and I are moving back to New York, I want him to come with us.  A friend of mine is the Principal at one of the best High Schools in the city, it specializes in the Fine Arts.  He can be with kids his own age with similar interests, I'll continue to mentor him and when he's ready I'll introduce him to the Art Community with his own show.  He'll be in his element, not sequestered on a private island being home schooled and…."

"And what if I don't agree?" I interrupted.

"Don’t push me Nicolas, if you don't agree I'll expose your relationship.  You don't want that.  It could ruin you and it would hurt Finn even further.  You're 28 and he's 16; in Florida, even with his consent that's considered statutory rape.   He's not reached the age of consent and with the huge age difference, it wouldn't bode well for you.  You'll be considered a sex offender and probably even jailed."


"Nicolas, don't bother trying, I won't change my mind on this.  I put Finn's well-being way above our friendship."

"He doesn't have to go to New York, he can go full time to Pembroke Academy...I'll stay on the island, I'll stay away from him."  I felt all of the blood draining from my head, leaving me feeling queasy and weak.  I couldn't believe a few sentences could take away every bit of confidence, every bit of strength, I had in my body."

"Nico, he's going to need a lot of support, sticking him in boarding school is not the answer.  And how will I know that you're not continuing your relationship.  He needs a clean break, a new environment, people around who care about him.  You know Jaime, he'll be the…mother he never had and I'll give him the guidance he needs.  You know this is right."

"I need to talk to Finn about his, I need to know what he wants…"

"No Nicolas.  That's not an option.  He's a kid, he doesn't know what's best for him.  He'll just make the wrong choice, the Illegal choice."

"I can't do this Declan…Finn won't be able to handle it…if..if I need to send him away, he'll go with Benji and Ajax."

"I can't support that Nicolas, their lifestyle is no place for a child, and again, you'll be there on the sidelines.  Clean break.  I'm not giving options here."

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