Chapter. 3

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

Sam joined us at the table, sitting down near Brennen who still had me on his lap. "You're new here I suppose?" Corey questioned and received a nod from the blue eyed blonde. Saying he wasn't handsome was an understatement. But Brennen didn't seem to like the idea of it and gripped my leg tighter.

The more glances Sam gave me along with the sweet smiles, Brennen's grip only tightened until his fingers were practically digging into my thighs. That made me wince and my eyes glossed almost instantly. As the other three continued to chat, they brought their attention back over to me. "Hey Colby-" Sam began but was cut off by an enraged Brennen soon after.

He swiftly stood up and grabbed my wrist before dragging me off, leaving the three confused. "Have I said so thing wrong?" Sam questioned, receiving small chuckles and a shake of the head. "Jealousy just seems to crawl up his ass." Jake and Corey laughed,

"Don't be a slut Colby. I could see you staring at him and he clearly doesn't know who you belong to." Brennen sneered angrily and slid his hands into my shirt harshly, gripping at my bruising stomach. He pushed me further against the bathroom wall and began kissing down my neck, leaving dark hickey's.

"B-Bren s-stop, please." I plead as my eyes glossed with tears. I tried pushing him away but he only grabbed my slim wrists and held them above me with one hand. He used the other to roam down my body, caressing my skin. He connected our lips, silencing me, and squeezed my wrists once I struggled. I never disliked the makeout sessions that Bren and I had but I was always afraid to go past heated kisses.

So knowing Brennen wasn't stopping scared me so much. I just hope he doesn't go too far."Bren s-stop please!" I cried out as he nipped at my neck, occasionally biting. I continued to plead and cry silently until he had had enough and left a red handprint against my cheek.

By now, I was sobbing. "This will show him you're mine." Brennen growled and dropped me. I cried on the floor in pain and sadness as Brennen towered over, the usual regret filling him. "I'm sorry darling. But I had to show him what's mine." He spoke and crouched down to my side.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed by stained cheek. "Don't stare at him like that. Never again, right babe?" I nodded lightly and cuddled up into his side. "I'm sorry I w-was acting like a slut. I love you and only you, n-not him or anyone else. I'm yours." I sniffled and smiled up at him.

He smiled back a little and nodded. "I'm sorry for forcing on you. I just had to prove my point." He apologized as well making my heart flutter a little. I love how he cares so much about me. I couldn't imagine how I'd be like without him. "I-It's okay. It was my fault anyways." I sighed and looked down a little but he simply lifted my chin and kissed my lips sweetly.

"Let's head back out. Better get through the day." Brennen suggested and helped me up. I nodded and splashed my face with cold water before falling out, hand-in-hand.

I laid stomach-first on my bed and swung my feet a little in boredom. I let out a sigh and put away my math homework once done and went onto English. I never really worried about my grades dropping since I always seemed to get good grades with not a lot of work out into my studies.

I tapped the tip of the pencil on my bottom lip as I thought of the next question. About to write the assumed answer down, I received a message from my phone, the faint sound of my ringtone breaking the silence I laid in. Literally.

I swiped up and my eyes lit up spotting a message from Brennen. Yet my excitement soon drained once I spotted his next few messages:.

Sent From Bren<3
Send picks ; )

Sent To Bren : )

Sent From Bren<3
Come on babe don't you love me?

Sent To Bren : )
Of course I do Bren!

Sent From Bren<3
Then send me some picss!

Sent From Bren<3
I miss your beautiful body :'(


I let out a small sigh as my eyes glossed, staring down at the messages. I was never comfortable sending such photos especially on the internet. I was really insecure and wished to be perfect like Brennen wants me to be. He's only helping me.

I slowly sat up and stripped off Brennen's large hoodie that engulfed at my palms and thighs along with some of my other clothing. I love him. I love him, that's why I'm doing this. I walked over to my full-body mirror and covered my face with the base of the phone, taking photos I wish I didn't have to. But Brennen's done so much for me and I never want him to think I don't love him.

With a slight sniffle I sent him pics, trying to hold back the tears. I love him. That's why I'm doing this.

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