Chapter. 2

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

I let out a squeal as Corey and Jake chased me through the halls and laughed at me. "You won't catch me!" I giggled out as I ran faster, my slender legs and light weight giving me a faster boost. I continued running, until I slammed into a broad chest causing me to bump back.

"But I will." A voice spoke and wrapped me by the waist. I looked up in fear but the fear soon turned into excitement and affection once I realized it was Brennen. "Bren!" I squealed and jumped into his arms as he chuckled lightly. "Hello, darling. You seem to be in quite a peppy mood ." Brennen said before placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Only cause I got to see you." I spoke with a smile and looked up at him through my long eyelashes that tickled at my cheeks. As we shared the light radiating love for each other, Jake and Corey had gone off, leaving us be. I didn't really mind though. "Is that so?" He smirked and snapped me out of my whirling thoughts.

I nodded with a blush and hid my face into his side. He shook his head with a smile and kissed my head before guiding us to class. "Will you be cheering for me Friday's game?"

"Always." I grinned, my dimples coming out a little as I looked up at him lovingly. He hummed smoothly and leaned down to kiss me. "That's my boyfriend." He said and kissed me again making me giggle and blush.

I pushed though the loud crowd of students, easily being pushed around due to my small form though. I hated being so small and light; it makes me feel vulnerable. Although it's obvious that I am. I let out a small huff once I made it through the large males and tall females that waited to get their turn.

Yet that frown soon left my face once I met eyes with my caring boyfriend. I love him so much. He pecked my lips once I sat at the lunch table and placed his tray down. 'Thanks darling." He thanked and grabbed the wrapped up burger, throwing a little fries into his mouth along the way.

I just smiled and sat silently, my hands laying limply on my lap as I watched the three eat with moans of delight. As I sat there, my shoulders obliviously slouched, I felt a strong grip on my arm making me wince. Brennen stared at me a little bluntly and tapped my back.

I easily straightened it so my shoulders didn't look lazy and soon felt his strong grip loosen. He sent a smile and I sent a weak one back as I rubbed at my arm a bit. He cares so much about me.

As lunch went by and all four of us shared conversations, my stomach began to rumble asking for food. I rubbed it lightly with a sad sigh and tried to ignore it. I wanted to ask but didn't want Brennen to be mad at me. Yet I was too hungry to not.

"B-Bren?" I whispered, catching his attention soon after. "I know you d-don't like it when I eat but c-can I please have a fry?" I whispered out, only allowing him to hear. Once he stayed a little too quiet, my body stiffened and fear filled me the slightest. I hope he isn't mad.

He simply picked me up and sat me on his lap. "Of course, darling." He smiled and pushed the tray a little closer to me. I smiled appreciatively and kissed his cheek before grabbing a fry. I devoured it so easily that I bet I didn't even chew. I stared at the tray filled with a few more fries, holding the urge to ask for another. I didn't want to sound desperate but thankfully he allowed me to eat a few more.

As Brennen and the rest continued to talk, I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to meet the most beautiful blue eyes belonging to a blonde fellow. I knew I was staring but I couldn't help but take in his gorgeous features that lingered on his face and broad body.

He had shimmering blue eyes that were slightly covered by the blonde bangs that rested softly on his forehead and his skin seemed too soft to touch. His figure was fit and it seemed like he worked out. You could practically see his abs through his shirt.

A sharp pain on my leg broke me out of my drooling state as I felt Brennen's hand dig into my skin further. I fought back a wince and looked back up at the blonde. "S-Sorry, what'd you say?"

"No worries, I was just wondering if I could sit with you guys, I'm Sam." The blonde chuckled and sent a sweet smile. Jake was the one to answer and nodded with a smile. "Of course dude, sit wherever." And he did sit.. right next to me.

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