Chapter 46: Morning kisses and family visits :)

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“Morning” I said gulping, trying to sound cheerful. It broke me to see someone like him in that state.

He looked up at me and forced a smile.

“Morning dork”

“I decided to come and have breakfast with my favorite person in the planet” I said smiling and sitting next to him in the bed, placing my breakfast next to his and reaching up to give him a hug and a kiss in the cheek.

“You know…I actually like you when you’re sweet and trying to be all cute and stuff…” He said chuckling at me.

“Well that’s why I’m here for” I said smiling but my smile suddenly turned into a frown when I saw his plate, still full of food. “YOU HAVEN’T EATEN ANYTHING AND HARRY MADE THIS WITH SO MUCH LOVE AND EFFORT YOU’RE SO MEAN BOOBEAR!!!”

“I’m not that hungry…” he trailed off. I smirked and grabbed a piece of fruit and shoved into his mouth.

“Isn’t it yummy baby boobear?” I said laughing at how he was struggling to eat that piece of watermelon, after chewing he glared at me.

“I could of died you know? I’m not a baby!!” He said taking a sip of his orange juice.

“Well you do act like a baby, Lou.” I said smiling and eating my breakfast.

“Oh shut up!” He said rolling his eyes

“Well at least I made you eat” I said excitedly, watching him eat his food.

“It’s creepy when you’re staring at me like that” He replied looking up and laughing.

“Sorry” I giggled and continued eating.

“Thanks for not making that much noise yesterday…I really appreciate it!” Lou said winking.

I rolled my eyes and kept eating.

“Let’s watch some telly alright?” He said getting up and looking for the remote.

I continued eating my food peacefully just listening to the sound of the ‘telly’ as Louis would call it, in the background.

“Do you like The Big Bang Theory?” Louis asked me, I looked up to see him smiling at me.

“Boobear one does not simply ask someone if they like the big bang theory, oh my god, it’s one of my favorite shows!” I said waving my arms and grinning when I saw Sheldon Cooper on the television screen.

“Sorry love you just don’t look like…” He stopped talking and shook his head, looking at the screen where Sheldon was knocking on Penny’s door.

“What…? I just don’t look what?” I said glaring playfully at him, I got up and put my empty plates in the bedside table. I rested my hands on my hips and raised my eyebrows. “SO…?”

“You just don’t look-“

“I just don’t look what? Smart enough to handle Sheldon’s jokes with Leonard oh no Mr. I wear stripes and I dress like a man who owns boats I do not accept when people assume I’m dumb.” I said snapping my fingers and jumping in bed with him, he just stared at me with his mouth wide open. “Careful Mister you’ll end up eating a fly”

“Oh shut up Emmork…you didn’t even let me finish the sentence” He said rolling his eyes and looking the television.

“Look at me Boo Bear!!!”

“I don’t think you’re dumb…you’ve hurt me Emma.”

“Are you high? That makes no sense at all”

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