1 - teasing tweets

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It's been a few hours since we watched the interview, but none of us have moved. The truth is, there's nothing for us to do.

I sigh and take out my phone to see what's happening on Twitter. I can't stop thinking of Elizabeth and her band, I'm so intrigued.

I suddenly feel a smile grow on my face as I click the search button. I'm sure she has a Twitter too, this should be fun.

I type in Pennyworth and her account is the first one to come up underneath the band's account. I follow her and the other three girls in the band.

I giggle quietly as I see her profile picture. It's black and white and she has her eyes crossed with a silly grin on her face.

"What are you laughing at, weirdo?" Michael groans and I shake my head.

She already has 2 million followers, which is pretty good for a band who's album isn't even out yet. The other girls have a good bit of followers too, but Elizabeth definitely has the most.

I start scrolling through her tweets and notice that she responds to a ton of fans. She always puts some sort of random emoji and tells them that she loves them. She uses the goat emoji an awful lot, even when it has nothing to do with what the person said.

I start to compose a tweet to her when I see that someone already beat me to it. I glance at Luke as he sits on the bed and grins.

@Luke5SOS @pennyworthbeth loved your interview today :-)

I sigh and decide not to tweet her. I open up the laptop and instead search a video of their band. They don't have any music videos yet, but there are a lot of them performing. I slip on some headphones and listen to the first song I find.

I open Twitter again to see if Elizabeth replied to Luke.

@pennyworthbeth @Luke5SOS :O

I don't know why, but her reaction makes me laugh extremely loud. Calum and Michael stare at me, causing me to laugh harder. I wonder what she would say if I tweeted her.

"What's so funny, man?" Michael tilts his head to the side.

"I tweeted Elizabeth," Luke interrupts with a smile.

"No way! What did you say?" Michael jumps up from his bed and switches over to Luke's, hovering over his phone.

"I just told her that I loved the interview and she sent back this little face," Luke grins, showing him the phone. Calum runs over and scoots them farther on the bed, so he can sit down too.

"Say something else!" Calum giggles, anxiously gesturing to Luke's phone.

"Like what?" He smiles, already starting to make a new tweet. I try to ignore them and watch the video that I just found.

Calum walks over to me and shakes my shoulder, "Hey, come on we're-what are you watching?"

He laughs as he looks at the laptop screen. Frustrated, I slam the laptop shut. I had just clicked on an interview of Elizabeth, so that's embarrassing.

"Nothing, what's up?" I stand up.

"We're tweeting Elizabeth a selfie. Hop on," Michael pats the bed and I jump on, laying across them.

Luke hands me the phone and I hold it in front of us as we all smile goofily. Calum has his eyes crossed, Luke's sticking his tongue out, Mikey's eyes are practically closed, and I'm grinning like a fool.

@Luke5SOS @pennyworthbeth (image) we all loved it :--)

Luke tweets the picture, but Michael groans loudly, "Quit with the noses, Luke. It's fucking weird."

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