Chapter Twenty-Two: Nightmare

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(Y/n)'s POV

I was surrounded by darkness, an open space where I mostly felt uneasy at many certain times. I could feel the darkness enclosing through me, but I felt oblivious about it. I felt calm. Calm with nothing but darkness surrounding me, calm to be alone.

My hair flew behind me from the breezy wind coming somewhere. My hands brushed together, it felt smooth and calming to my own touch. I began to walk slowly, not minding the darkness that surrounded me. Am I dead? questions linger through the air, though I am afraid of what the answer could be.

Just then, as I took another step; the darkness began to shatter away like it was made of glass. The world around me began to spin, it felt as though I was going insane. Is this the after like? I do not know. My mind felt dizzy, my eyes were lost. I felt like my eyes were about to pop off my eye sockets. Slowly, but surely the darkness was no longer to be seen.

I could hear, feel the weird vibration. As my eyes dart around, I figure I was inside a first-class airplane. "(Y/n), honey, do you need anything?" I heard an odd voice that I familiarized. I turned around slowly, not wanting to see them. "Mom? Dad?" my voice quivers under my breath, my eyes stinging with desperate teary eyes. I wanted to cry, to hug them.

My lips began to tremble. I blinked, my eyes betraying me as a tear fell on the blue carpeted floor. But they were not looking at me, they were not talking to me. They were sat down on the comfy chairs. I walked towards them and looked at both of them and took their hands, desperation ran through my adrenaline.

I wanted to feel their touch, their warmth and sweet words. I wanted to tell them everything, everything that had happened to me. But my hands went through their own, making me gasp a little. Is this what I have to suffer through with being dead? I bit my bottom lip down, forcing my trembling body to calm down.

I heard a voice humming beside my mother, my eyes looked at the person humming and I took a step back. I could not believe it, I felt confused all of a sudden. I do not know what to believe. I do not know if I should believe what I am seeing.

It was a younger me. A young (y/n). Then, it all flooded back to me. We were at vacation that summer, it was years back. We were going to Paris. I was probably around senior high school. I remembered loving Paris, but now that I am living in Paris while being held hostage and not being able to leave the mansion walls felt like a nightmare.

My young self was gazing outside the little window of the plane, looking out and day dreaming about the beauty of those blue skies. And then, my young self turned to me. We made eye contact as my face flushes with red. And just as I thought she could see me, she got up. "I'll just go to the restroom." I said with a smile.

She walked towards me and walked through me, like I was nothing. Like I was air, which I am. I followed myself as a young man, probably the same age of my young self stood up. I cast a glance at him and stopped walking. My jaw dropped and I felt like my own soul just left my body.

I stared as he passed by my young self, his arm giving a ghostly touch to my young self. Now I remembered, I remembered when I felt a touch of a ghost. But I did not make a big fuss about it. But he brushed his hand against mine on purpose.

My young self stopped and looked at the man, perplexed by his beauty that I once first saw as an angel's face. My young self gave him a small smile, "Sorry." I said. He looked at my younger being, frozen in place. His face flushing. "I-it's alright," he whispered, stuttering to make a sentence.

My young self nod and excused herself as she went to stand at the door of the bathroom, waiting for her turn to the bathroom. My eyebrows furrow and stood by his side and looked at him. I know he cannot see me, but I wanted to scream at him. But I barely knew what future I would have with him. I was blind back then, a naïve teenager.

He began to brush his hands together, "I got close to her.." he whispered to himself. My eyes went a bit wide open, biting down my bottom lip. He sniff his hand that brushed against mine, I felt the urge to puke. My young self kept glancing at him, I look bewildered. "I finally touched her hand." he whispered to himself.

I backed away, covering my mouth with my hand. Questions linger through the air, I had so many questions wanting to be desperately answered. Suddenly, I wanted this horrible nightmare to be over. To snap back to reality and endure something else. I felt disturbed.

And just as I thought that the God's granted my wish, the world began to spin around me. I look around as the cruel spinning stopped. It was a young (y/n) again. I was hanging out with my friends, going for a walk with an ice cream in hand. I smiled at the one unbroken young girl that I was before. How I wish to be my own self before all this chaos.

Just then, I stopped walking. "You guys go on, I'll meet up with you guys on the way. I just have to tie my shoe laces." I waved them off and they walked away. I walked to my own self and suddenly stopped tying halfway as we both heard a flash. Someone taking a picture of her, of me. I saw a shadow of a man, and I immediately knew who it was. I stepped back and felt disgust. My young self was wide-eyed and did not give a second thought of finishing tying her shoelaces and began to run.

I was left alone in the streets as the world began to spin again. And then, it all began to form the pieces that I had just witnessed in my mind. Like a puzzle trying to be fit together. I could not stand it any longer, the world spinning around me made me feel isolated. Just then, illusions of a black figure of Leo was surrounding me, laughing, chuckling and looking straight at me.

I felt like my head was going insane. I wanted to run away, but how? I do not know. Everything made sense now. Leo knew me before hand. He knew me when I did not knew him. My eyes became teary, and my parents began to flash through my mind. Their faces looking worried, confused and scared. Not for their own sake, but mine.

They knew what was happening, when I didn't. I felt heartbroken, but another part of me felt anger. The only word that was running through my head was, why?

I felt as though I was betrayed, sold by my own parents. My heart itches in pain, and it made me want to scream. Flashbacks began to fill up my head, to the moment I saw the album of myself tucked away in the cabinet to the flashbacks that was showed to me in this horrible nightmare.

Leo's laugh and chuckles echo through my head like a curse. I could not handle this much, let them devour me whole. I do not care. I feel defeated and betrayed. My knees broken down as I was forced to lie down but did not dare let my tears fall. I won't let Leo be satisfied, even if this is only a dream, or even if I am dying. I closed my eyes as I let the illusions take me away.

Just then, they began to die out. I flutter my eyes open slowly, afraid of what or who to face. I saw a hand reaching out for me and I took it without hesitation as it helped me got up. I looked up and blinked, my tears that was so desperate on going down falling like a waterfall so naturally.

He reached his hand and I was ready to feel his touch once again when it went right through me. "I love you, (y/n)." Simon said and I turned around to see my own sleeping form, my cheeks being caressed by his warmth.

I turned around to look at him and reached for his cheek, but only for him to turn into dust as he vanished. I was left standing there with pure silence echoing through my ears, and isolated with nothing but pure darkness. "I love you too, Simon." I said as my eyes fluttered open with a heavy breath and tears staining my cheeks.

"Wrong name, love."

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