Rape / raven and pudding

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Pudding POV

I was walking in the hallway when I seen cupcake I walked to her and slammed my hand's on both sides off the lockers trapping her she looked at me and I was shocked to see there was no light in her eye's.

Then I hear her say something to me

PlEsE dOn'T hUrT Me.

I was blushing like the rainbow she was cute but then I heard someone behind me and it was dust and horror along with raven.

I smirked and stood up straight and walked away as I did I felt like they where looking at me then my girlfriend walked up to me and kissed me I smirked and took her somewhere.

Dust POV

As I watch pudding and his girlfriend walked away I see cupcake drop her thing's and hugged us she was shaking and I smiled.

Cupcake don't worry so much pudding is not that bad but if he touches you just say my name and I'll make sure he won't ever be near you.

She nodded and I picked up her stuff it was PE time and we went to the gym but raven had other classes.

As we went into the gym fell error was there. She smiled and walked up to us and noticed that she was blind.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to her eye sight as fell error helped her into the private changing room she put her gym outfit on.

Cupcake POV

M-MiSs E-eRroR is T-ThIs My L-LoCkEr.

As I said that she smiled and said yes I thanked her and she helped me out I started to summon my magic as miss error told us that she will be testing our power's I was okay but pudding showed up and sat next to me I kinda got scared because off what fell error said I grab onto pudding hand and he looked down and looked at me I was having a panic attack and pudding grab me and sat me on his lap everyone was looking.

Breath lotus take a deep breath and hold it now let it out slowly so you can calm yourself down just keep that going.

He was helping me to calm down I did as I was told it helped a lot as I fell asleep on his chest.

Pudding POV

She was having a panic attack and a bad one two as she did what I asked her to do she took a deep breath and she did.

After a while cupcake fell asleep on me and I sigh and wrapped my arm's around her. I noticed that her friend's where looking at me eh.

Classic palette took a photo of us on his phone I'll get him later. As my mother walked up to us she smiled and said is she okay I nodded and then I seen her brother oh fuck.

Raven POV

I looked at my sister and then at pudding I sigh and smiled but I'm going to enjoy this.

As I was walking over to him miss error smiled she knows what I was going to do.

While I sat next to pudding I looked and whispered to him.

You better not get any idea's with my sister she may be you're friend but I won't let you date her.

You got to prove that you can protect her and be nice to her then maybe I'll let you date her.

As I got up and teleport away I smiled and couldn't wait to see what will happen this is going to be really fun and funny.

Fell cupcake POV

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