Living Again~ Twenty

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"It's fine! Don't sweat it man. We'll party again soon kay? Then you can bring your girl with you. Your date's in the evening right? How about you come  here and hang with me until then?"

"Sure, I'll meet you at your house in a while.. oh you mind if I bring Brianna along? I think my mom invited her over." I rolled my eyes as I said this. I loved Brianna as a friend but insisting on her to come over everyday was pathetic. 

"Sure sure. I haven't  seen her in a while."

We hung up and I went downstairs. My mom was there sitting on the plush couch flipping through a magazine. 

The words which came out of her mouth were expected, "Brianna's coming over, maybe you should show her some of your paintings or something."

I clenched my teeth and replied politely, "I already did. She can come with me to Tyler's place."

Mom nodded her head and went back to reading the glamour magazine. Just then Brianna entered the house. My mom stood up immediately and went to greet her. How I wish she would be that kind to Marissa.

I walked towards them and smiled at Bri who was looking suspiciously at me for some reason. Once we were outside in my  car  she asked, "Spill. Why do you look so happy today?"

I shrugged. "I do? Oh... maybe because I've got a date  with Marissa tonight."

She squealed, "You do? Oh my gosh finally! Where are you taking her? It better be some place awesome!"

I laughed at her excitement and told her where I had planned to take Marissa for our first real date. Good thing I told her because I really needed her opinion and there it was, 

"Wow. That's perfect! Who knew you would turn out to be such a charmer huh?" She winked.

I just laughed and we headed to Tyler's. I was glad she had approved my choice, I wanted to Marissa to have an amazing time.

Tyler's house was nice and cosy. I had missed Tyler, he was really a great friend and I guess I didn't always appreciate him. I remember he was one of the people who had  told me not to mess with Marissa that day in the cafeteria, I regret not listening to him now.

"So.." Tyler began as the three of us sat on the couch lazily. "What should we do?"

I saw Brianna roll her green eyes. I ruffled her short hair, laughing at how obvious it was that she was dying of boredom with us guys. And plus, it was also pretty clear that Tyler wanted to talk to me about something but he couldn't say it in front of her.

Then she sighed finally, getting up and grabbing her bag. She strutted out the door and Tyler and I burst out laughing. Then I finally said, "I better go drop her wherever she wants to go, I'll be back soon!"

He just waved a little then I went to my car where Brianna sat impatiently. She said, "What took you so long? Were you guys making fun of me? Actually, don't tell me, I don't want to know. Just follow what I say."

I bowed  my head and said, "Yes ma'am. Where do you want me to drop you?"

"Marissa's house!" She replied, grinning. I just looked at her like she was crazy, she barely knew Marissa. Then she explained, "I'm gonna help her get ready for the date! It's a girls thing, you wouldn't understand."

Then I sighed, giving in. Besides, it was so tempting to see Marissa, I was already missing her like crazy. 

I  heard Bri's side of the phone coversation. "Hey Marissa! It's me Brianna... I'm good, you?... ok well Ethan told  me about your date! Aren't you excited?!.... Okay, so I was wondering, do you want to hang  out at your place for some time? I can help you with your  make up and everything, it'll be fun!.... okay, great, i'm on my way now actually, see you soon!"

I stopped the car outside Marissa's house. I was about to get out of the car when Brianna said accusingly, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Uh... going in with you to see Marissa?"

"No way! I won't allow you guys to see each other until the date!" She smiled evilly.

"What?" I was annoyed, "But I really want to see her!"

"Haha, too bad!" She stuck her tongue out at me  and got out of the car. I waited for a while outside the house but then sighed and left, if I don't  see her now then I will have so much more to look forward to tonight.

I went straight to Tyler's house then and went over to sit by him on the couch. Seriously, it was like he hadn't moved an inch since we left.

"You didn't stay at Marissa's place?" He asked.

I gritted my teeth, "Apparently I can only see her when I go to pick her up on the date."

He laughed, "Okay then. To get your mind off the girl, I have news."

"Oh yeah. So what is it?"

"Uh.." He started look uncomfortable then said, "My parents separated."

"Oh." Then I remembered how his parents were always fighting. His dad was abusive so he had a rough childhood, "So you're going to move in with your mom?"

He sighed, "Actually my mom wasn't the one who filed for divorce. It was my dad."

I was shocked, "But why?"

"He found out my mom was seeing this other guy."

I just looked at him then put my arm around his shoulders. "Wow, so what will you do now?"

"My dad is staying here. But there is no way in hell i'm putting up with him and his stupid violent behaviour anymore. My mom is moving in with that guy, who I haven't met yet, so obviously I don't want to live in a strangers house. So my only option is to start living in the school dorms, my parents are still going to pay for school and stuff."

"Wow." I said  again. Then I decided that Tyler was my best friend, I couldn't let him go through with this alone. "You know what? I'm going to start living in the dorms too now. I'm not particularly fond of my parents either and I can always visit Casey as much as I like."

"Dude, Really? You would do that?"

I nodded, "Of course man. So the party you're throwing is like a farewell? Since school is starting in two days?"


I left his house then because he had to get things organised for the party. How pathetic will it be if I'm not at my own best friend's farewell party? But then again, this night was supposed to mean everything to the relationship Marissa and I have, I couldn't ditch her again.

I sighed and prepared myself to talk to my  mom about moving in to the dorms in school. 

It was a really awkward conversation since I don't talk to her much but she seemed to be fine with my decision. Heck, she thought it was because I was finally giving up art and going to focus more on my studies. What the hell. It took all my patience to not yell at her. 

Then I went back to my art studio. I spent more time here than in my bedroom. I was going to miss this place so much. I sighed again then decided to just get ready for the date. I had already made up my mind about going to Tyler's party after the diner with Marissa. It was the perfect plan.

Damn, I  can't wait to see her. Until then, I guessed the best I could do was paint her pretty face. 

Tonight is going to be amazing. I'm going to tell her I love her, as in I really, really, really, love her and ask her to be my girlfriend. I just hope she says yes. She's probably the only girl who I'm going to ask, I don't think I'll be able to deal with it if she says no.

I just shook my  head, of course she'll say yes, then proceeded on to paint her light pink lips, I SO wanted to kiss her. Just a few hours, Ethan, wait a few hours.

I took out my phone and texted her,

Can't wait for tonight... Love you :)- Ethan

I stared at the message for a second wondering if it sounds retarded but sent it anyways. I do love her, that's all that matters now.

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