Living Again~ Twenty

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I sat in my art room painting in a daze, not paying any attention to what I was creating. All I could think of was Marissa. That spark in her eyes, the sweetness in her smile. I couldn't wait to see her tonight. It was going to be the best date ever. 

I shook my head smiling at how pathetic I sound. My eyes wondered over to the canvas, I stared at the painting in front of me. It was a pair of wide brown eyes with thick lashes. Gosh I love her eyes. I laughed to myself, this girl was driving me crazy. I had promised my friends I would go surfing with them during the summer and us guys had planned a camping trip this week. But all I had done was spend time with Marissa. And if I wasn't physically with her then I would be sitting here painting portraits of her. I dont think she realises how beautiful she is. I can't say I regret not being with my friends though. They're probably suspicious about what's going on with me but I guess it will all clear up when we get back to school. 

My mind switched back to Marissa automatically. Looking around my art studio, almost every painting I had made this summer was related to her. If I put them all in order then you can see how she slowly transformed from being the lost sad girl into the fun loving person she is now. I wonder what she would think if I showed them to her. Nah, I don't think I will.. what if she thinks I'm becoming some sort of an obsessive freak?!

Just then my phone rang, it was Tyler.

"Hey man what's up?" I spoke.

"Nothing, just getting snacks for the party. Are you sure you can't make it?"

"Nah I can't, I've got a date." I blurted out. Tyler is my best bud, he would understand.. right?

"A date? Dude with who? Oh it is Brianna? I heard you guys made up. It's her isn't it? I knew you guys would end up together! It's the perfect story- childhood best friends turn into lovers and-"

I laughed and cut him off, "No! Bri is one of my best friends but I don't like her that way. That would be weird. And please stop acting like my mom who is practically trying to push Bri and me into each other."

"Chill, dude. And don't say I'm like your mom, that woman is a bitch!" He said, then quickly added, "No offence though."

I smiled, "It's ok, can't say I disagree with you."

"Ok ok, so whose the girl? If you say it's Rebecca I will go to your house and beat you up myself."

"Haha, no way! Rebecca can go to hell, the girl is actually Marissa... Marissa Miller."

I waited for his reaction then he asked, "Who's Marissa?"

I rolled my eyes then I began talking. I ranted on about everything that's been going on with me. I felt like a girl, rambling on about what a turn my life has taken since the day I tricked Marissa into thinking I wanted to go out with her. I never thought just a month later, she would be the most important person in my life. 

After my speech Tyler finally said, "So you think you're in love with Marissa? The girl who used to sit alone reading during lunch?"

His confusion and disbelief was so obvious, it was frustrating. Words weren't enough to describe how Marissa and I had changed each other. 

"I don't think I'm in love with her, I KNOW I'm in love with her." I declared. I bit my lip, Tyler is so going to make fun of me for being such a love struck fool.

"Hahahaha! Dude stop being so corny!" Yup, I knew it. I waited for him to finish laughing then said,

"You'll meet her when we get back to school. Anyways, have fun at the party, sorry I can't make  it."

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