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In order for this to work smoothly, we have rules.


■First things first. You have to follow this account (BubbleSociety) as well as our main accounts  tomisworld and stephaniewritings.

■Your book must be below 7k reads as this award centers around undiscovered books.

■You may only enter a maximum of two books (of different genres.)

To show appreciation to your judges for all the work they put in, you have to follow them. And yes, we will check.

■Only English books will be accepted.

You must add this to your library and your public reading list.

■For every participant, add this tag to your book #BGAwards.

■Your book should not be less than 6 chapters so that your judges can have something to judge on.(that is, six chapters excluding prologue, authors notes and cast lists.) This doesn't include poetry or short story.

■Password #1 is 'Bubblegum is fun" password #2 is a type of candy. (Note: these will change)

You are to mention this awards on your notice board. This is so it's easier to gain exposure and enough participant's as soon as possible.

■If all the rules are not followed or the form isn't filled correctly, your entry will be ignored. Be careful. 

■Tag as many people as you can in the forms.

■You can judge as well as enter your own books in the contest. Although , you can not judge a genre your book is entered in.

Once again, welcome to The Bubblegum Awards!
Please proceed further for the participants form, judges form and the guidelines for judges.

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