Black Water (Chapter 2)

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"Are you ok?" He said, peering into my eyes. I realised I must have looked like a total freak staring at him like some deranged lunatic. Not that I cared...much. I took a step back. "I'm fine," I started to walk past him. I didn't want to look back I would show I actually cared (even though I did).

Trying to even fake study after that was an impossible task. So I was grateful that Jez came busting in after what seemed like hours but it turns out it was only 30 minutes. She looked round the library before coming and perching on the table in front of me.

"So this is where you have been hiding," Jez asked. Smiling at me. I grunted in reply pretending to be reading she continued "I'm not an expert or anything but we don't have any history homework," she said as she pulled one of the books from the pile on the table, immediately sending them toppling. Earning us several frowning looks from the librarian. Jez just pretended they didn't exist. I sighed,

I shrugged as an answer, keeping my head down. Now I know what you're thinking, I'm being really moody today. But trust me I'm not normally like this, I'm usually quite cheerful - though maybe lacking the hyperness and squealyness of the cheerleaders who insist on following any guy with more muscles then brains (Cameron)- but today after seeing a super evil sprit guy I'm feeling just a weenie bit glum, and a bit angry at the same time. Jez snapped me out of the thoughts swimming around my gray matter.

"We have fencing now," she said as the bell rang. I kept my head down, Jez sighed, "it's fencing Ali, our favourite subject, enough though I'm rubbish at it. But it's like the only lesson were you get to hang out with extremely cool people like me! So yeah we've gotta go" I drifted off, nothing new there Jez's insufferable babbling is enough to send anyone to sleep. However during her mile long rant I started to pack away the books that I needed and then stood up, giving Jez a half hearted smile. When she saw my slight activeness Jez jumped up raring to go. "Yippee," she said then grabbed my hand dragging me towards the exit to the library oblivious to the Librarian shouting to us clean up the mess of books under our table. I laughed as we pushed through the doors outside, Jez's enthusiasm was contagious the quad was empty Jez pulled me along quicker than a normal human could run.

"Do we have to go so fast?" I yelled at Jez.

"You haven't seen the new instructor," Jez yelled back. Of course we had a new instructor, our old one was 57 and left last month as an over enthusiastic vampire wacked him over the head with her sword. That was Jez by the way.

"Why do I need to see the new instructor? You're only going to incapacitate them with unnecessary blows to the head" I laughed. We were slowing down now. We stopped and placed our hands on the door...

"Trust me I won't be hurting this guy anytime soon he's," she paused and opened the door so that our entire class and the instructor turned round to face us "Totally Gorgeous," she finished in a quite whisper.

I have to admit he was pretty good looking, he had wavy blonde hair that went down to his shoulders, his face was straight and sculptured, and his eyes were a light hazel colour.

"So nice of you to finally grace us with your presence ladies," he said, his voice was very deep. I smiled sheepishly and mumbled some sort of apology. Jez however being Jez just smiled widely -showing off a set of bright white teeth, with fangs of course- and said sweetly,

"My presence automatically makes this class ten times better sir, and if you ever need someone to practice your supper strong muscle propelled fencing attacks on. I'm your girl," she laughed and swung her Chestnut brown waist length hair. She was insanely beautiful when she did things like that and I could practically see all the guys in the stands drooling over her. The teacher however was somewhat un-impressed and when he spoke he spoke very coldly indeed.

"You must be Jezebel Days, I advise you to keep your mouth shut unless it is something to do with lesson. I am Mr Azerale, sit down please," Jez turned still smiling but for some-one who knew her as well as I did she had the wind slightly knocked out of her sails. I followed her up the stands. There weren't many seats left and the only two seats together just happened to be next to the lovely charming Cameron Jones. So I had to sit through an entire lesson with his unparalleled witty banter. I had noticed something else as well, on the other side of the room; sitting in the opposite stands was the sprit guy. He just happened to be looking directly at me.

Oh Great.

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