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"i hate the way he touch you."

"i hate the way he looked at you."

"i hate him for taking your love away from me."

"i hate how you didn't remember your promise to me."

"you told me you love me more than anything else,"

"he seems so selfish."

"i'm here, waiting for you and still loving you like water fountain."



taehyung finally opens his eyes. he widen his eyes when he hears jimin's shout.

jimin then sigh, "i thought you're dead. someone outside the door."

"w-why didn't you open it?"

jimin shrugged and continues playing his phone. taehyung sigh while yawning. he lazily fix himself before opening the door.

"sana? what are you doing here?"

"h-hey, taehyung.. i was planning to talk to you." she softly say.

taehyung looks around inside his house. he notice jimin already gone, that's mean he already went upstairs.

now he get the reason why jimin didn't answer the door. taehyung turns back at sana.

"wanna get in? nobody inside." he says.

sana looks up at him, "e-eh?"

"i-i mean, you can get in, i-if you want a proper talk." he quickly covers.

sana just goes along. she awkwardly shook her head, "no! i'll be fast."

"take your time." taehyung say, closing the door behind him.

while he's waiting for sana's words, he suddenly remembered the short dream he had earlier.

is he going to lose her?

"taehyung.. we've been friends for so long, right?" sana finally broke him from daydreaming.

taehyung quickly stand normally. he nodded as he looks around, "yeah, it's mostly like 15 years for me now."

sana nodded, "ugh, this might be awkward but, i like you, taehyung-ah."

"what?" he repeats.

this situation.. the situation that he had in the dream are now happening. he blink many times to make sure it's real.

"i like you. since the day you helped me with everything, like, you're always there for me when i needing you. i don't know how to stop the feelings but i had to let it out to the owner who took my heart away." sana sweetly say, finally have the courage to look at him in the eyes.

without any warning, he goes to her and hug her tight, making her let out small shriek. she lean on his chest, not dare to move.

i make the wrong choice in the dream. now let's make the better one.

"that's sweet but, i had something more seriously to say." he mumbles, while softly caressing her back.

"w-what is it?" she nervously ask after she pulls away.

"i like you more that you do. i'm the boy so, i'm the one need to make suprise to you," he stares her.

her cheek slowly turn into red one. he cupped her cheek before leaning closer, "i'm so glad that you're being brave. i've like you since the first day, that's why i decided to be your friend."

"s-so.. i-is that mean─"

he quickly put his right hand on her hips, pulling her closer by the left hand and kissed her passionately. when he pull away, sana quickly try to find any sense reason to avoid the sudden kiss.

"w-why did you─"

"i know you get the hint." he smiles.

she shyly frowns even she already get what he means, "eh?"

"you're my property now."

"i love you like a water fountain."

- end -

a/n; okay cuties. you have two choices now. this chapter is a happy ending and the other one is sad (?) one. i had no idea for any continues for the last chapter so, i make a happy ending. hope this satisfied you <3

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