32. It's a yes !

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Hlo darlings

The chapter is of 2227 words. I didn't expect it to be this long but I wrote whatever came to my mind. It's a complete mess but hope you give it a try.


There's a limit to everything and especially if that thing is patience. Shivaay Singh Oberoi has all his life been an impatient man. When he wants something to be done, he wants it to be done in the blink of an eye. In short he is the most impatient man in this whole world.

But the children of this street were testing him as if he was a student and they, the teachers. It's been two weeks that he has been living here as Shivinder and in these two weeks he has noticed that the people here are loud, nosy sometimes.. okay they are nosy always. Once you exit your house their eyes drop you till the end of the street, and that too because its impossible for them to see you after that unless they move.

But the kids ! They are the incarnation of devil and he aka Shivinder is their latest target. He doesn't need an alarm clock to wake him up as they deliberately shout when they are passing by his house.

Just two days ago they nearly gave him a heart attack and the reason was those cheap fire crackers. They rang his bell early in the morning and when he opened the door... those cracker chains starting bursting. Not in past 28 years of his life he had jumped so much as he did in those five minutes.

Diwali was nearing doesn't mean they had to tell it to everyone by bursting those irritating things. Those kids led him to decide that he will start a campaign on 'STOP BURSTING FIRE CRACKERS' soon.

The next day they had just made it unbearable for him. They kept ringing his doorbell. It was the 40th time that they rang the doorbell and ran away. It was enough now ! He exited his house and hid behind a drum kept nearby. As soon as they would come, he was going to beat their naughty ass.

His luck was too bad. When he caught hold of a naughty kid, Anika came out of her house. She looked at him as he had picked the kid up in his arms. He had to stop himself and from scolding that kid who looked at him and then at Anika and then again at him with a naughty smile. And when he let the kid go, he winked at him. Yes. The little, Saturn's incarnation just winked at The Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

And today, they just broke the glass of the window in his kitchen with their ball while playing football. Now he can't run a campaign against football because he freaking loves that sport. But he wasn't going to return the ball. That's it.

It was when he exited his kitchen to complete the cleaning of living room when he heard some noise from the kitchen. His kitchen that he had somehow cleaned to make it presentable, was now full of muddy footprints and the ball was gone. How ?

The window is open, genius !

"You're still a kid bro. So it's useless to try to catch us." The nerve of that kid half the height as Shivaay's, he just called him a kid and ran away.

And then he came back near the window and said something that was unbearable, "Anika didi tumse nahi patne vali."

Shivaay or to say, Shivinder jumped out of the window to teach the little kid a lesson but the football came crashing down on his face. Ouch !

"Wanna play ?" Asked that kid again and the others laughed at Shivinder as if they were ragging a junior in their school.

"Naah ! You all are kids. That's why I'm leaving you otherwise I would have showed you how to play." Said Shivinder and turned to go back to his house.

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