Chapter 32 Fan-Guy Moment

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Chapter 32

***Harry's POV***

"CLAUD!" I screamed in her face.

She blinked, revealing her gorgeous brown eyes. "Please, scream in my face again," She said, "It's pleasant to be woken up that way."

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I was a jerk because I was tired and hungry but I know that's not an excuse to be that way. I didn't mean anything that I said. I don't know what got into me. You are a wonderful singer; you have absolutely no reason to be ashamed. You're twice as good as Kelly Clarkson, I understand if you never want to talk to me again. In fact, if you like, I'll go way deep in the woods and starve to death, if that's what you-"

She cut me off by crashing her lips onto mine.


We pulled apart, breathing heavily. We kept out foreheads together. "Shut up, you idiot!" She said, "Don't think for even a second that I want you to starve to death!"

"I'm really sorry, though," I apologized, a fresh wave of guilt sweeping over me.

"Aw, babe, you should know I can't stay mad at you," She said, kissing my nose. EEE! Fan-guy moment! She called me babe and kissed my nose!!! "That was the hunger talking. Let's get some food so it doesn't happen again," She continued.

I nodded, "Why'd you black out, though?"

"Um, I guess I might have a slight concussion or something...that would explain the dizziness..."

"Wait, concussion?!"

"I memory loss or stuff like that, so that's good."

"True. Let's go eat. Come on," I said, crawling towards our "den".


"Just add water!" Claud said in an announcer's voice. (A very hot announcer's voice, might I add.)

We were going through the emergency food kit we had. There were a couple little bowls, multiple sets of utensils, and these little packets of dry food. According to the instructions, if we added water to it and stirred, the equivalent of food would be made.

Claudia dumped whatever it was into the little bowl and opened a jug of water. She poured some in and stirred.

"INSTA-MEAL!"She exclaimed, taking a bite. Her face contorted into an evident symbol of disgust. I couldn't help but laugh. She glared and kissed me, forcing me to taste the awful "food". We finally stopped coughing.

"Maybe it needs more water?" I suggested.


Somehow, we managed to eat it. Once you got past the original taste, it was actually somewhat edible. Somewhat.

We put everything away and sat outside of our cave. I turned and looked deep into her eyes so she would know I was being serious. "You've got a beautiful voice," I told her.

She blushed and looked at the ground, "I dunno," She mumbled.

I cupped her chin in my hand, "Well I do know. The second we get home, I'm going straight to Simon and demanding that you get signed on a record label!"

She laughed lightly, "I can't talk you out of that, can I?"

"Nope! And we're gonna sing a duet, too! Maybe one with all the boys. You could do a brother-sister thing. Oh, and Little Mix! And then you're going to sell zillions of albums and become more famous than One Direction!" I started to get carried away.

She tapped my nose, "Don't you mean One Perfection?"

I was glad she could joke about that; I could tell she had fully forgiven me.

I tapped her nose back, "Perfect? Have you met Louis? How about Niall?"

She snuggled into my chest. I liked how she seemed to fit perfectly there, "No, but I've met you.."

I grinned at her, probably blushing.

She poked my dimples, "Ha, I made you blush!"

"Not many people can do that. It takes someone special."

"Like Louis?"

"No, like you," I said, intertwining my fingers with her's.

Her cheeks flushed an adorable rosy pink. "Ha, now I made you blush!"

She giggled and situated herself so she was basically sitting on my lap. I can't say I minded..

"They have to be really worried. Especially Zayn. He hardly lets me out of his sight," She said, worried.

"We can't do anything about that, babe. We're stuck here until someone comes to rescue us or this storm passes so we can walk- er, crawl- back."

She nodded slowly, "Let's go for a crawl out to the beach."


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