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"you should confess to him."

mina wiggle her eyebrows at sana. sana scoffs and laugh with mina as she smack mina softly.

"i'm shy, mina. you know that there's so many girls liked and obsessed over him."

"but, it's worth to give a try?" mina raised her eyebrows together with her shoulder.

sana didn't say anything. she stared at mina who's struggling to find words since she scared that she said the wrong words to sana.

"i-i mean, remembered how i get a boyfriend? it's worth to give a try." mina quickly says.

sana sadly smile, "he likes you too that time, mina. our situation is different."

"and so the last decision. don't care if he reject or not, at least you confess, and make yourself free!" mina supports.

"so, i should confess?"

mina nodded cutely, "i mean, let's do bet. if you told him everything you felt about him, i'll treat you tonight."

sana turns at mina who's smirking. she frowns while smiling, gosh she's like her boyfriend, sana thought.

"deal?" mina take out her pinky finger.



"hey, sana? what's make you here?"

taehyung asks as he gets out from his house. sana gulps, she looks around before looking back taehyung in the eyes.

"do you want to get in? nobody inside." taehyung added, making sana quickly turns at him.


taehyung realize the way he said it, "i-i mean, nobody inside s-so, if you want to talk, w-we can talk inside."

"n-no! it's okay! i'll be fast." sana says.

taehyung nodded, he closed his door behind him, "take your time."

sana took a deep breath. she nervously smile at taehyung who's calmly waiting for her.

"taehyung-ah, w-we've been friends f-for so long, right?" she softly asks.

taehyung blinked, "yeah. it's almost been like 14 years now. you're 13."

"y-yeah, b-but, i like you." she quickly says.

taehyung keep the silence after sana says. he didn't really hear her first words but he sure to hear her last words.

"you like who?" he gently repeats.

sana nervously hold both her hand. she took a deep breath as she still have many things to say.

"i like you, kim taehyung. yeah, i usually said that i like daniel but, no. he had a girlfriend and he deserves a happiness. i don't know how i fall for you but, i need to let it out to the owner who stoles my heart." she explain, staring him in the eyes.

she can sense that he's confused at first but his facial turns soft when he hears her confession. he let out his body smile before answering her.

"there's no way you like me, sana ya. i mean, you really likes daniel before."

sana shook her head, "i'm not lying. i couldn't find any feeling of mine to daniel. but, when i sees you, i feel the feelings that i shouldn't felt. what are you doing to me, kim taehyung?"

he was speechless. his own close friends like him? that's sound normal but not to him. the way she confess to him in the face make him flutters.

"i couldn't explain how much but, as big as the water fountain."

water fountain. she loves to visit there when she's free with him. that's what they do when they're little.

"sana," he finally says something.

"it's not like i doesn't like you or what, i just─ i mean, we're too young for a relationship." he explain.

sana swears she can feel her heart was being ripped. she tries to covers the with an awkward cough, "what do you mean?"

"i really like the way you confessed to me. i know you'll have much confidence to confess but, this is not the right time for us to be in a relationship." he says again, slowly getting closer to her.

she notice he's moving slowly, she stops him while smiling, shooking her head, "no, taehyung. i understand,"

"we can be in a relationship when we've grown bigger." she finally let out.

the rejection is hurting her but since she like him that much, she still can find the patience for him.

"you willing to wait?" he quietly ask between the silence.

sana let out one soft smile at him, "i won't stop until i make you mine."


"you've done a great job, sana." mina pulls awaythe beer from sana.

"great? he reject me, mina." sana cries.

mina sigh seeing the sight of her drinking the beers even more, "you told me that you willing to wait for him with no any matter. where's that kind of positive side, sana ya?"

sana finally take her head up, turning at mina slowly, "i think,"

"i'm going back to japan."

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