Eyes On Her

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Part 24-

Demi POV-

I was finishing the pots off when I remembered I left Y/N handcuffed to the bed I did have to laugh to myself because Y/N didn't shout me and she knows I forget things and it's been over half hour or so, then I heard this Big Bang coming from the bedroom so I thought Y/N was trying to break outta the handcuffs. Once I made it upstairs and to our bedroom door I saw Y/N's eyes closed so tight so I thought she was acting asleep so that's why I did what I did but I can't believe the way Y/N just reacted all I said what "Boo" she's shaking all over like she's just had ice dropped all over her, she crying her heart out. She's screaming something but I'm not 100% sure what she's saying with her crying too, you'd think I should be able too because I'm right get to her but Nope, my own heart is falling to bits here because this is all my fault, only If I didn't come scare her like this she wouldn't be in this kind of state. She wouldn't talk to me, she wouldn't even let me touch her or cuddle her.. I just felt so bad, so the best way to get her talking was to call her old friend she's been talking about they're both wanted to meet up for a while now but been hard on them both because they not had the money too, I said I would paid for her to fly over and see him but she wouldn't allow it... Anyways I saw her phone on the floor I quickly pick it up before leaving the room.

Demi-" babe I'm sorry i really am. I shouldn't of scared you like that but promise I'll make it up to you but right now I have to make a quick call"

Y/N-" fuck you Demi. I don't want to talk to you. Oh make sure the door doesn't hit you on the way out"

Phone call convo with demi&Joe

*ring ring*

Joe-" OMG Y/N!!! I've missed you, how are you?!"

Demi-" hi Joe it's Demi not Y/N *laughs* I'm Y/N's girlfriend.. I need your help..?"

Joe-" hey Demi! Yes I've heard a lot about you. Sorry about that I hmm thought it was Y/N.. Ohh how may I help you darling?"

Demi-" it's okay Joe haha, I was just wondering if you would like to come over here to see Y/N? She's upstairs crying her heart out and I its all my fault and I thought if you was here you can talk to her? *starts crying*"

Joe-" omg I would love too!!!! Ahhhh.... Sorry about that again.. *laughs* right okay tell me what happened?! But Demi don't blame yourself love"

Demi-" *laughs* okay I won't tell you now because imma sent my jet over to you, I just need your address and I'll see you soon Ohh joe Y/N doesn't know your coming so let's keep it that way"

Joe-" what right now?!??? OMG. I need get packing *hear him run up the stairs* I'll text you my address be easier and okay I'm to happy right now!! bye Demi!!"

With that Demi take puts joes number in her phone and texted him so he can give her the address, deletes the call log out of Y/N's phone, with that she walks back upstairs to the bedroom, where she finds Y/N asleep but still crying too, Demi slowly walks over gets on the bed next to her and turns her so she's now cuddled into Demi's chest, after like 2mins Y/N awakes up whilst Demi messing about on her phone that she didn't even noticed that she was awake and looking up at her..

Y/N-" I'm sorry about before I shouldn't of acted that way babe, or spoken to you how I did..."

Demi-" ohhh fuck me!! Shit you scared the life outta me *laughs* baby don't be sorry okay, it was all my fault and now come here so I can kiss you"

Just has they was about to kiss Demi's phone starts to ring..

Demi-" where is the stupid phone I can feel it but not see the fucker " laughs

Y/N-" mm here I've found it under my butt *laughs*"

Demi-" Ahh thank you! Hmm babe I'm going to have to leave you alone for a while I'll be back soon as okay"

Y/N-" who's j?!? But whateves okay"

Demi-" it's to do with work babe, see you soon!"


After the scare I had with Demi, no wonder I was in the most shittest mood I didn't mean to talk to her the way I did but there's a few things in my past that I haven't told and to be honest I'm not planning on doing, well maybe in a few more months I don't want to tell her my life story right away it's only just coming up to our 7 months, I just need time to overthink what's happened and clear my mind from theses thoughts once again because if I don't I can see myself falling into my dark paths that I don't want to walk on. After Demi quickly leaving the house because she had "work" which I don't believe I've met half of the people she's worked with and I do not know anyone named J... My head is thinking the worst thoughts she's cheating, but Demi isn't like that not my Demi.. She wouldn't.. Not after everything we have been throw together. After being in my own head for over hour I hear a loud bang coming from the bathroom...

"D-Demi is that you???"

I didn't get an answer so I quickly threw my clothes on and ran downstairs and out the house. Jumped into my car and just drove, drove far far away from that place. I couldn't sit in that house no longer, I knew a good enough place where my thoughts would disappear the place where me and my grandad would go....
I just led on the soft grass looking up into the sky making things out of the clouds, that's the last thing I remember till my phone went off I jumped to my feet not knowing what the hell going on then it all came back to me, I pulled my phone out my pocket saw the name lighting the screen up it was Demi, I just let it ring to my voicemail I didn't want to talk to her right on I need space, I looked at all 12 texted from her then put my phone back, I started walking back to the car in darkness, once in the car you pull your phone back out, you look through your contacts seeing who going to put you up for the night..

Phone call -

You-" Nan please can I stay at yours tonight, it'll only be for a night I just need my family around me right now"

Nan-" Y/N are you crying?? Yes come over darling you know you don't have to ask your always welcome here, I'll get the kettle on"

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