A Quick Explanation of Omegaverse Dynamics

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I've had some questions about this, because this story assumes that you already know about Omegaverse and its accompanying terms, many of which are used casually in this story. Here is a quick summary of the au and dynamic as used in this story(Feel free to skip if you're already familiar with it, though if you have anything to add your wisdom is much appreciated!):

In this universe, werewolves are ranked according to the way the naturally respond to things like aggression, attraction, and affection. A lot of the time there is a set 'manifestation' age where your rank sets in, and you begin to take on the behaviors associated with your rank, as well as feel attraction to your soulmate. My story focuses mostly on Alphas and Omegas, at either end of the rank spectrum, but there is generally a third rank, Beta, in the middle.

Alphas: protect, dominate, lead, fight-instinct, etc. An Alpha can force an Omega to do what they want by using a certain tone of voice. Alphas, unfortunately, have a tendency to abuse this power.

Omegas: be protected, submit, follow, freeze/flight instinct, etc. I've toyed with this a lot, but Omegas tend to get the short end of the stick in omegaverse.

Beta: hanging somewhere in the middle, both dominant and submissive, Betas drive me crazy because they're usually shorthand for 'obligatory side character'. I'm hoping to write something sometime where that isn't the case.

Other Omegaverse terms(Please let me know if you'd like any more definitions!):

Heat-- a period of high sexual urges and desires, specifically revolving around the desire to mate and/or bear children or have sex. the term 'heat' generally refers to this period in Omegas, while 'rut' is used to describe it in alphas.

None of these stereotypes are set in stone, and you will often hear about stronger, more leader-esque Omega or a more submissive alpha because those kinds of stories are... YES.

Anyway. *cough* I hope this helps a little! 

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