Saying the Right Things

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Calum didn't know who the boy was, but damn, was he beautiful. He was tall with light blond hair and captivating blue eyes, and Calum was simply enthralled. The tall stranger appeared to be quite alone, leaning against the bar with a drink in his hand, which should have worked in Calum's advantage, if only Calum wasn't so nervous. He wanted to speak to him, but he needed a proper incentive, like a good pick up line or even a corny joke. He knew that if he went in blindly, he would just end up shoving both his feet in his mouth.

So, Calum contented himself with admiring the stranger from afar. He watched the boy sip gingerly at his drink, eyes on the mass of dancing bodies separating the two of them. Calum tried to read him, but apart from the small Green Day handgrenade on his shirt, there was not much he could pull from. Nevertheless, if the boy liked Green Day, then Calum already liked him anyways. You could never go wrong with a hot guy that likes Green Day.

About two drinks later, Calum noticed a well dressed girl approach the tall stranger. He tried not to get disheartened; the blond had to be straight, right? It would've been too good to be true anyways. Plus, Calum still hadn't found a good conversation starter.

Calum watched with venom in his gaze as the blond made light conversation with the pink haired girl. He scrunched up his nose and laughed, causing envy to build up inside of Calum. He wanted to be the one making the beautiful boy laugh. He wanted to be the one talking to him. He wanted the boy to be gay.

However, very quickly the blond's face went from friendly to apprehensive to downright uncomfortable. The girl was getting closer and closer to him, but he seemed to be trying to get further and further. His back was against a bar stool and he was looking around furiously, trying to find a way to escape the oblivious girl.

Therefore Calum did what he had to do. He downed his drink and made his way to the attractive stranger before taking his courage in his two hands and swinging his arm around the boy's broad shoulders.

The boy's blue eyes shot up to meet Calum's brown ones, looking way too surprised for this to be convincing, but Calum played it cool.

"Hey there, didn't expect to see you here! Is there a problem?" he asked the blond, looking amused and desperately trying to seem convincing when all he could focus on was the damn silver lip ring that he hadn't caught from afar. Oh, the thoughts running through Calum's mind...

"Uh, who are you?" the girl asked, looking slightly confused but mainly annoyed.

"Oh, uh, this is my boyfriend..." the confused boy answered quickly before trailing off, shocking Calum in the process.

"I'm Calum," he smiled, extending his hand to the apprehensive girl. However, she didn't shake it. Instead, she frowned at it before turning and walking away, making a show of swaying her hips in the process. The blond let out a breath once she was out of sight and Calum quickly let him go, moving to stand in front of the stranger.

"Hey, I'm sorry," Calum apologised sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "You just seemed really, really uncomfortable so I figured I'd come here and be your knight in shining armour."

Calum regretted those words as soon as they spilled out of his mouth, but to his delight, the same words that caused him regret triggered laughter from the boy.

"I appreciate it, thanks," he smiled lightly, before sticking his hand out. "I'm Luke, by the way."

"Calum," he smiled, shaking Luke's hand.

"Um..." Luke mumbled, and suddenly the air seemed thick with awkwardness.

Calum wanted to furiously push through that. He shoved his hands in his pockets before tilting his head slightly, choosing his next words carefully to get the information he craved. "She was pretty hot though, right? I mean... Her hair was cool."

"Yeah, I guess," Luke shrugged, looking ever so slightly annoyed. "I'm just not... Well, I'm not into girls in general. I thought- Yeah. Girls aren't really my field of interest."

Calum broke out into a grin, his eyes crinkling and he knew his cheeks were going to hurt after tonight. "Yeah, I get that. Me neither."

"Oh thank god," Luke breathed out in relief, chuckling a bit. "It would've been really awkward if you were completely straight, seeing as I just basically pretended you were my boyfriend..."

Luke let out a slight laugh, filling Calum with strange confidence. He took a step towards the blond, biting his lower lip nervously. "Though maybe it'd be cool if we didn't have to pretend. One day, maybe."

Luke's eyes widened and his cheeks flushed pink, and that's when Calum knew he had definitely said the right thing. "You don't even know me," Luke laughed nervously. "I'm not that great."

"Well, you're wearing a Green Day shirt," Calum shrugged, gesturing to the small logo. "That begs to differ."

Luke's blue eyes twinkled at the mention of Green Day, his lips curved up into a huge grin and his eyebrows raised in approval. Calum wanted to high five himself because yep, he was most definitely saying all the right things.

Luke's smile was fuelling Calum's confidence, and he never wanted it to end. With a hand pulled out of his pocket and a hopeful smile, he asked Luke what he's been dying to ask him all night. "Wanna dance, gorgeous?"


A/N: really short and admittedly pretty different from the prompt, oh well

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