It's Always Been You

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You get beautiful surprises in life sometimes without planning your journey.

Sometimes you meet the right person in awkward situations where you don't have any choice what the hell just happened?

My life changed with one kiss. It sounds melodramatic but it did. And did I mention that it was my first kiss and it was during a dare.

Not spin the bottle if that's what you're thinking.

It all started when it began raining. We were just out of college returning to our regular cafe, where we used to hang out and trust me it will gives you plenty of opportunities to do something fun.

With little wild friends who are expert in skipping classes. You can go to the parks, malls, Arcades, Shopping, Games, museums, movie theaters, or other many fun places.

Instead of my friends choosing to do one of those activities they decided to play truth or dare all over Newyork and in the rain no less. So when it was my turn I was dared to do something I never wanted to do:

I have to kiss someone I never met before.

"Please I'm begging you don't make me do this," as we were sitting inside our favorite after school hang out place.

Royal Cafe.

I tried to run away and make a dash for the door to escape from my doom.

"Come on bunny girl. We all did our dares it's your turn," Gabriel said pulling me by the waist. Since I lacked upper body strength and Gabriel was huge.

I let go of the door as Gabriel carried me to where Lara, Grey, Chole, James and Erica were sitting and amused over my misery.

Lara smiled at me. Rain wasn't stopping anytime soon. Harsh droplets of water hitting the ground constantly.

"Come on Elena it is the least you could do after all the crazy dare we've done. Right babe remember we melting whole Ice sculpture in the school," Grey said winking at Chole.

I really adore my friends. The love they had but I was single. I already felt like a third wheel.

"I got it worst. When I was forced to get a permanent tattoo of my girlfriend's name." James groaned pointing to his left side of shoulder where in Gothic font 'Erica' was tattooed on his arm.

"Aww! You look adorable babe" Erica reached out to him and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"You know I'm sucker for you." James kisses her forehead. See that's why I get awkward nothing much.

My hands slowly started slipping Gabriel pulled harder on my hands then let go and he kicked the door shut. He put me down in my chair and plopped down next to Lara.

Jeez! There was no escaping.

"Go Elena! Even it is raining you still need to do it. The very first guy will be your target." I looked at my friends.

They were grinning like maniacs.

Oh seeking fun from my pain. I'll avenge you for it.

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