Chapter. 1

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

I pace towards my locker where Bren will be waiting for me, my excitement over the top and my eyes bright with affection. I've had the past classes different than Brennen's and I now finally get the chance to see him.

"Hey Bren." I grinned once he pushed away from the lockers to meet me. "Hello, my love." He smiled as he grabbed my hips and pulled me into him. He placed a kiss on my cheek making me giggle happily.

"I've missed you my darling." He spoke lowly and swayed us lightly. "I've missed you too, Bren." I pecked his lips and he smiled down at me amused. He hummed and nuzzled my neck with his nose making me giggle lightly.

"Let's head to the bleachers for some alone time." He grinned lovingly and guided me out the doors and towards the bleachers that lined at the large football court the school owned.

He sat down on one of the benches and pulled me onto his lap straight after. "Mm~ you're amazing." He hummed out as he kissed at my neck, sending tingles through me.

I blushed with a small smile but soon realized that his kisses weren't stopping. "Bren, n-not here." I argued quietly and placed my slender, small hands on his chest in order to push him back a bit.

He ignored me and connected our lips, silencing me. "B-Bren, please. Not he-re." I plead but he ignored me once more. "Kiss back." He spoke and kissed me harder as I squirmed. I loved him and loved when he kissed me; but we can't be doing this out here.

"Bren-" "Kiss back." He tightened his grip on me making me wince and comply. I kissed him back as I tried not to worry about us doing this in public. He slid his hand up my thigh a bit, gently lifting my shirt in the process.

That made me break the small session.

"B-Brennen stop-" I then found my self on the ground, holding my cheek as tears brimmed at my eyes. I looked up at him in fear and he quickly began apologizing. "I'm so sorry my darling." He rushed to my side and picked me up in his warm arms.

"I am so so sorry, love." He kept apologizing as he caressed my cheek, soothing out the pain. "I-It's alright Bren." I sniffled and sent a small smile. "No it's not. I didn't mean to-" He began. "It was my fault anyways. I-I should've listened." I assured, placing a peck on his lips.

"I'm sorry, Bren." I apologized and wrapped my arms around his neck. "It's alright, my darling. Let's get back inside." He spoke and placed me back on my two feet.

He grabbed my hand with a smile and guided us back inside the large school building. Once inside, we met up with our friends Corey and Jake at one of the cafeteria tables.

"You head over. I'll get you some lunch." I smiled and kissed his cheek before letting go of his hand. I truly do love Brennen. He's so sweet and only ever wants what's best for me.

I grabbed myself a lunch-tray and one for Brennen and passed through the line of students getting their own lunches. "Hello, sweetie. What can I get for ya today?" The sweet lunch lady smiled as she waited for my order.

"I'll have a burger with fries, and a salad please." I spoke politely. She nodded and handed me the wrapped up burger also placing some fries by the side. I then grabbed my salad and fork and thanked her before leaving.

The cafeteria food wasn't always the best but on specific days the food didn't taste as bad. I joined Brennen and our two other friends at the table, grabbing my salad and fork as they all destroyed their greasy food.

I just had a simple salad though; Brennen wanted me to lose some weight. Of course, I did what he wanted. I loved him and I knew he just wanted what's best for me.

I truly do love him..

(( Hi! So this is obviously a new story but I just wanted to say that I'll add warnings before any abuse or harsh actions, etc. This is a Solby story but the Solby part will happen later on ; ). Hope you enjoy! ))

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